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  2. Even worse, they have experience at it.
  3. I'm sorry @mugtang I was not good during this time. I had to bitch slap Orange but trust me, he deserved it!
  4. Who would have guessed that bringing in a bunch of Syrian jihadis...err, "refugees", would do such a thing?
  5. Damn it. That was gonna be my pick. @mugtangyou're up
  6. Agreed. I don’t like these former defense contractors as SecDef. I would prefer current/former Generals and Admirals who have real world experience with the Troops.
  7. The job still sucks. Most sane people don’t want any part of it. Would you be a cop?
  8. Northwest Nazarene is for the kids who could get into Pt. Loma Nazarene but don't have the body to wear a bathing suit during the summer.
  9. Mattis was one of the best SecDef in a long time. There is a reason why he is so highly beloved by his Marines!
  10. Your views are so radical that reductio ad hitlerum is not necessarily a logical fallacy. You are certifiably insane, filled with hate and see monsters where there are none.
  11. The pay and benefits are pretty damn good most places.
  12. You mean one written by a liberal, or a conservative?
  13. It is amazing the crowds he draws. I sure as hell wouldn’t go, but I’ve never been to a political rally either.
  14. Mark Esper has been nominated to be the next Secretary of Defense. He is the current Secretary of the Army and before that was a Vice President at Raytheon Corp, a huge defense contractor. Patrick Shanahan, current acting SecDef and former nominee, pulled his name after a domestic violence incident involving his son and wife emerged during the background check process. He was a Boeing, huge defense contractor, lobbyist before being nominated as the Deputy SecDef in 2017. I miss Mattis.
  15. Wait a second, you’re stealing the joke about liberals. C’mon be original.
  16. At this point I am not voting. I really want to vote Dem, but I am not confident whoever wins the nomination is someone I can support. I'm about the candidate, not the team. If it is Biden, that will be a tough decision. If it is Warren, it is either 3rd party (I honestly have no idea who the candidates are there) or not vote. I have always voted for a Presidential election so this will be a first.
  17. Swede criminals don’t mess around. Who needs a gun when you can blow people up?
  18. That’s like drunk texting. But mwcboarding instead.
  19. that's what I get for posting after pulling an all nighter.
  20. oh shit. well, in that case, Memphis
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