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  2. Air Force is not going to the AAC. That is moronic. They will either stay in the MW or go independent. I for one hope they go Indy. The MW can then either add BYU, or retract by expelling San Jose.
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  4. The short guy has an MVP and World Series victory to his credit. Just sayin'...
  5. Is they counting dare chickens 'fore they hatch? I reckon we'll all see soon enough. https://www.inquirer.com/college-sports/temple/mike-aresco-american-athletic-conference-football--20191013.html American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco expressed confidence that he will receive a waiver from the NCAA to continue holding a conference championship game in football for next year despite having fewer than 12 teams. He also plans on abandoning the conference’s two-division format. After this school year, Connecticut will leave the AAC for the Big East in all sports but football, which the Big East doesn’t sponsor. The Huskies will be an independent in football. That will leave the AAC with 11 football teams. The plan for next year, according to Aresco, is to go with 11 teams. To play a conference championship football game, a league needs to play a round-robin format or a round-robin format in the division.Aresco says the AAC wants to continue having its teams play four non-conference games. That only leaves eight conference games. In an 11-team league, that wouldn’t allow for a round-robin schedule. The AAC has applied for a wavier from the NCAA for the matter, and Aresco said before Temple’s 30-28 win over Memphis on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field that the conference should hear in about a month from the NCAA. “Obviously, we are optimistic but don’t want to take anything for granted,” Aresco said. “We will know within the next month whether we have the wavier, and that would be for two years if we get it, taking us through 2020 and 2021.” Based on this Philly Inquirer peace, I'd say the AAC has not yet received a 2 year waiver and may not get one at all. Those blokes are jumping the gun a little.
  6. We could survive very easily if we didn't have to give Clark and Washoe county welfare. Not to mention you are just a typical leftist changing the subject because you can't discuss any topic or defend any of your ideas.
  7. @BSUFan & @halfmanhalfbronco: Y’all might want to do-chk your glass juco before throwing stones:
  8. Fire [Insert UNLV Coach Here]
  9. I was at the game. It wasn't an ass kicking until UNLV turned the ball over then folded late. The Dogs have the same issues they've had all year. Can't finish drives, can't stop the run, same shit.
  10. Adam Hill (writer for the RJ) said he went into a bar in Milwaukee and asked them to turn in the game. The score was 28-20. By the time he was done with his first beer the score was about to be 56-20, he said he was drinking fast.
  11. Yah, it's weird. Obviously the Dogs aren't great this year. But I'm still not sure if they are pretty good, mediocre, or poor. Still can't put a whole game together. They get run on, they can't run the ball consistently. Reyna throws big pics. But they've looked feisty in spots, made some plays. I don't know, we'll see how they do in November. It seems kind of like a win some, lose some kind of year, but maybe they'll get hot late and surprise us.
  12. enough foreplay already, are we fuggin or not?!
  13. That’s because you enjoy being a charlatan. 🤪
  14. I record these Dem debates so on nights I can’t sleep, I’m out in 10 min. 🙂👍
  15. I feel that guy’s pain. I’ve been stiff armed to oblivion (but never bounced off the ground)
  16. laughter is the best medicine...
  17. Yep. Just like Reid going nuclear with confirmations during the Obama years, the GOP only have themselves to blame for this.
  18. I hope you didn’t think I was just referring to Kap. You qualify for all the things you’ve pimped over the years, and that includes your agreement and support of the low IQ tactics and methods that Kap has used in his attempt to make a point and create a movement. 🤪🤪🤪🤪😂 I think you’d find that a high % of people out there would agree that there are a lot more unacceptable cops out there than the cliche “a few bad apples”. I certainly do agree with that. All you have to do is look at the endless list of videos on YouTube that document their own experiences with bad cops for you to witness yourself. But there are also videos of the good cops. But Colin wants to pimp the low IQ tactics of stereotyping all cops as the problem and the propaganda that comes from that. That’s why he’s refused invitations to do ride-a-longs to learn more and to see there are quite a few cops trying to do the right thing out there, but instead get lumped in with the bad thanks to Colin’s demented low IQ dishonest agenda. Ironically, the terrible history of the negative stereotyping of blacks in this country is being used by Kap on cops. And you support him doing that.
  19. I couldn't make it to the game, but from looking at the box score it looked like a thorough whipping. Then I come on here and see that our special teams stunk up the joint....again.
  20. DRF will do the same as Menzies.............Sanchez is cut loose within a two weeks after season ends
  21. 1 scholly RB (well, 2 counting Chambers), no Abojei, and a 35% pass game. Yeah, I'd take NM and the points. Hope Coop is out of his head... assuming we can get past mid field he may be getting called upon a lot the next few games.
  22. Your guess is good as mine. This team really has no identity
  23. After Air Force tells them to pound sand, Southern Miss will most likely be added.
  24. Haha, with 5 turnovers, we gave Fresno about 35 points. We lost by 29. I’ll be curious to see how Fresno does the rest of this season.
  25. Because in 2015, the Republican-controlled House changed the House rules to essentially neuter the minority party in House committee investigations. From 2015: Link What goes around comes around I suppose.
  26. I'm surprised Fresno didn't rush the field.
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