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  2. All I did was be fair and stay centered, while you and others pretended that he was tanking the program. But now youre begging to keep his players. Plus, there hasnt even been an Otz season yet. But hey, keep on ridin them fruits by all means.
  3. We don't have to dangle from scrotums like you did with Menzies for the majority of last season?
  4. There was no consensus. But if there was one it would have been based on Muss and another really good team and utah state with Queta. So the revisionist is revisioning and claiming bs? Thats pretty much par for the course around here. Plus I like Otz, but doesnt mean I have to dangle from scrotums like you and some others around here. Hmmm.. Now who is lowering expectations?
  5. Wow, I’m at a loss for words. https://www.euronews.com/2015/05/01/snowden-assange-and-manning-statues-unveiled-in-berlin?fbclid=IwAR3ZfJ03KwW7r6KRbT5lIMZPiPPpohtIslYH9l2mGVOY10zCyrPBjUozMIQ
  6. I believe the state is subservient to the people rather than people subservient to the state. Laws should be designed to protect individuals by limiting state authority. Therefore, if a parent allows their child to miss more than a month of school, I do not believe said parent should be gulaged.
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  8. You really want to compare?....I would start with Biden comments...Dem KKK members, LBJ and close with thousands of dead Chicagoans that Dems dont give a shit about. Your assertion that Republicans are more racist than Dems is just plain wrong. You have bought into the big lie.
  9. More radical authoritarian right wing drug warriors
  10. It's that Nobel ready yet? Pompeo getting the smackdown after new tests. I thought Trump was a deal maker with a much bigger brain https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/04/18/politics/north-korea-us-pompeo-intl/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F
  11. There was a truck driver arrested in Idaho because of the state's medieval draconian laws on cannabis. Seriously stupid policy. The federal government, via the supreme court or congress, needs to step in to invoke interstate commerce for instances such as this. More pressing, the Idaho State legislature needs to grow the fukk up. https://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article228823584.html?fbclid=IwAR1jOjOlpMIFSv1g-SgmI-Cw9AoB23br0KNR2wIDXkqiUqRIO3uY-gz9wOc
  12. Good prediction. I will further predict that Mueller will say he couldn't prove intent on obstruction because Trump refused to be interviewed and Mueller didn't want to get in a years long subpoena war when congress would ultimately decide.
  13. Pete .. are you an alkosexual in denial? I'm curious as to why you're trying to go off subject on this thread.
  14. Sure, we share some of the same frustrations with the current government system and societal ills. But the approaches to solve said frustrations couldn't be further apart.
  15. https://reason.com/2019/04/17/kamala-harris-offers-a-crappy-apology-to-parents-who-went-to-jail-because-their-kids-missed-school/ Discuss.
  16. And I though Nevada’s rival was Dr. Dre’s mom. The only school that didn’t get a piece of her.
  17. The rival just started a few months back. They tried to poach some of our players and got slapped on the wrist by the NCAA after Rolo called them out on Twitter. Plus they stole 3 of our worst assistant coaches a couple years back. We had a couple players transfer there after the coaches left. Now we are going to kick their asses when they come here to play this season in front of 50K fans who don’t forget. That’s makes for a great rival to replace previously hated BYU.
  18. talking to my co-worker today about the Sharks "Why do our goalies always choke in the playoffs?"
  19. Maybe you can convince Reno to host you guys for the regional?
  20. So guess no one listen to @Lester_in_reno for a little while when betting.
  21. Idaho St names current Point Loma Nazarene head coach Ryan Looney as their new head coach Southern Mississippi is expected to name current SE Louisiana head coach Jay Ladner their new head coach. Kennesaw St is expected to name Georgia assistant coach Amir Adbur-Rahim as their new head coach. Current UMBC coach Ryan Odom says he has no interest in the St. John's head coaching position and will not be interviewing with them.
  22. LSU now saying they are reassigning Joe Alleva to be special assistant to the president and are expected to hire current AD at Texas A&M Scott Woodward
  23. Do the Tigers and Grizzlies share the same fan base and Is the relationship between the two entities cooperative or adversarial ? In your opinion, will the ascension of Tigers hoops under Penny hurt attendance at Grizzly games and is Memphis a large enough market to support both ? Inevitably, Las Vegas will have an NBA franchise along with our NHL one and fan support for UNLV will be tenuous at best.
  24. Props to Menzies for not sitting on his butt for the next couple of years taking UNLV for all $800K, but instead he's giving up $400K per year to be an assistant at GCU.
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