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  2. Not bad but not very humorous.
  3. I haven't really followed the GOPers in the House, however I did hear my rep, Liz Cheney, the 3rd ranking GOP in the House say his treats were not appropriate.
  4. Btw. With some notable exceptions most Repubs on this board are moderate or now independent.
  5. I like this one. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/06/the-real-reason-some-brits-dont-like-trump/
  6. If you think every P5 fan is on board with this, I got a bridge in the Bay Area to sell you. I hate it that the communists from those P5 schools are ruining things. We would never see another Appy State upset over Michigan. Montana State beat CU only to lose to D2 Chadron State the following week. Everyone loves it when the small time school embarrassed the well funded school and that would be much more less likely. I would just play sports video games to live in an alternative reality if that ever happens. Or I'll find something else to do.
  7. Not buying it. The revolution is fake news.
  8. Yes a few have particularly in the Senate but that was not true in the House.
  9. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. All conservatives do is call names because they can't debate the issue. He'll never ask a legit question, been here long?
  10. https://worldofwonder.net/quora-nate-white-hilariously-answers-the-query-why-do-british-people-not-like-trump/ pretty well written and humorous in true British fashion.
  11. Not ruling out any scenario....but we're ruling out a scenario
  12. While I do appreciate the academic contribution on this board, I consider the conversation here casual. No matter the setting, it is important to clarify meaning, I don't disagree. But let's agree to use my definitions
  13. I wonder if CNN will publish a story saying "These are the Democrats who voted to table impeachment" with a list.
  14. He's just trying explain to the bear the reason there isn't more food around is because Trump is a racist.
  15. Right. There’s a huge difference between an academic setting and casual conversation. People in the south call all sodas “coke.” It doesn’t seem to create confusion. If, however, you use the term “coke” in an academic setting, it will be entirely unclear whether you mean coca-cola, cocaine, or something else. I’m saying, though, that the idea that it’s “offensive” is propaganda. No one is trying to control language, only explain that a common language with agreed-upon definitions is necessary for discourse. If that’s not something you’re interested in, misnomer away.
  16. Here is mine. Best o-lineman of all time. Could bench 692 lbs. https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2019/07/01172718/Larry-Allen-Run-down-Saints.mp4?_=1 https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2019/07/01174517/Larry-Allen-bench-press.mp4?_=3 https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2019/07/01175312/Larry-Allen-Colts.mp4?_=4
  17. Back to the original topic. It seems like the justice-seeking Democrats will only vote for impeachment when it is politically expedient for them. House set to block maverick Dem's Trump impeachment effort All this while they call out Republicans for not standing up to Trump? Hypocrites. They're doing the same thing! Republicans don't want to risk losing their seats either. It seems both sides are politically motivated.
  18. I think there are workable solutions to scheduling. The high and low level conferences would be paired (For example PAC and MWC). The relegated and promoted teams simply swap conference schedules and if that ends up with a duplicate "OOC" game you swap the relegated/promoted for that game. Make it so you have a set week for the regional tied conferences to play and it would be workable. Contract wise is a bigger issue and is why I doubt we see it. That written I kind of like the idea of you get promoted you get involved in bigger contract, relegated well buckle up. I think this would have the effect of making those bottom level schools pony up and put in better effort to avoid the demotion and headache and accompanying lost revenue that goes with it.
  19. I like Klobuchar. She tries pretty hard to stay positive. She kinda joined the wolves at the Kav hearings, which I didn't care for. But outside of that, pretty good character. But, she doesn't have much of any chance to make it outta the primaries either.
  20. Funny how the people who complain about on-campus "outrage" over things are, by far, the biggest outrage whores I see. Anywhere. No one is telling anyone to stop saying "crazy", or "America". This video is hogwash. Notice they got the blondest, whitest christian white girl they could find. Pretty pathetic virtue-signaling by the Right.
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