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  2. I disagree with you how it should be applied. Avoiding cruel and unusual punishment only amounts to basic, general medical care. When the state (tax payer) has to pay for it, I think they have the right to determine (via a Judge) if it is GENERALLY accepted, basic medical care, or if it is not. So, for example, I think people agree that dental care is general medical care....but braces to fix crooked teeth is not. Or that a mammogram is general medical care....but that a boob job is not. While getting crooked teeth fixed, and getting a boob job might make a person feel better about themselves, or even their identity, it is not general medical care (unless you are in the 9th circuit, I guess).
  3. What a funky topic. UAB to add to anything other than JUCO. (Sidebar, Troy is better). Anywho, I'm not a huge cheerleader of P6 AAC chest beating about things. I'm cool with our lower tier TV contract. I'm proud of our collective gridiron and hoops accomplishments. I'm thrilled to have Navy as a football only. Very happy with Wichita State as hoops and baseball. Connecticut never really belonged. Quasi props to them for their return to BE and the moderate TV deal. Abstain on Tulsa and East Carolina. But very not the Tulane and Temple.
  4. Just cooked these bad boys the other day. It's not feasible to get them often, but I highly recommend trying them out for a special event or something:
  5. I'm simply pointing out that if one is creepy, the other one should be as well.
  6. Very good idea. It’s already been shown in numerous cases they won’t police themselves. Police are necessary but abuse of power should not be tolerated.
  7. Trump made a really big deal about Kap kneeling. What are the odds that he mentions this one?
  8. Thx for the input re Boise in Texas non Hou. I corrected my post before you quoted to include Air Force. I can be a bit myopic about Hou, but Texas everywhere is a hotbed of great talent. UH get studs from East Texas, DFW, oil country West Texas and the occasional Austin/SA types. Close to Louisiana, we hit em hard against LSU and SEC. Boise does well in Texas. Schedule more live games pls. You're up for both UH and Rice in several years. Hit up SMU/Baylor/TCU for north Texas action in the DFW talent pool. Boise v Baylor...I can see it. Waco is close enough to DFW for cred. Plus the TV ratings would be super.
  9. Your a total moron if you think we're going to be able to eliminate the strange weather. And yes, just tell the poor people to go buy a new Tesla and give them each a solar panel and mini windmill and say this is your power sources now.
  10. I can't express to you, without vulgarities, how upset I was after seeing that this morning. The officer with a his hand in his pocket with a smug look on his face during the entire recording. It was very normal to him. I will presume he's done it before. What made me more upset is seeing this after seeing the Amy "Karen" Cooper Central park video.
  11. Yes, we are on the same page now. Thing is, I don't want a judge or a politician or a warden or a prison guard's union to decide what is or isn't necessary medical treatment. I want a doctor and a patient to do that. Even in prison. Especially in prison. Because prisons have an inordinately bad history of properly identifying and administering medically necessary treatment to inmates.
  12. What is wrong with some of the Police Officers in this Country? I get that it is a tough job, but it seems like we have way too many, tough guys, high school jock types, who want to make a public display about their power and authority. And I honestly think it is less about race, and more about the Police thinking they are superior to certain classes of people. They wouldn't dare do this to a guy in a business suit. But they show up and do it to a guy that they think is lower than them. Throw the book at them.
  13. Thats some fancy scotch...i do like those but if you drink your favorite everyday ...it wont be your fav very long. My tastes are very simple anyway Woodford is a great whisky too. Another one of my go too's is Eagle Rare. My dad smoked dog turds ....hated them then and ....i still cant stand to be around cigar smoke. Mom smoked cigs too so I figure I smoked enough in my lifetime.
  14. Honestly, there's a better chance Tillman sees the NCAA's at NMSU than at UNLV this season If the guy can standout at NMSU & put up solid numbers who knows where he could end up......didn't see anything NBA from him last season, but if he blows up
  15. Florida State just swiped Norvell outta Memphis. I'll leave it up to our fellow good dude, Memphis man, to chime in about that. To boot Memphis is ranked #23 in the CBS Sports Top25 for early 2020 sans Norvell..goes to the depth of the program at Memphis. Boise v Florida State is brand v. brand. Colorado State cannot say that. University of Houston cannot say that. It's a Brand v Brand game.
  16. What the hell kind of board is that? AlabamaCrimsonTideStormtroopers.com?
  17. I think I saw that the FBI has opened up an investigation. This is infuruating
  18. I think Norvell will have Florida State improved. App State just lost their coach (former Boise OC Drinkwitz) so Georgia Southern will probably be favored to win the SunBelt East. Marshall will also likely be favored to win the CUSA-East - with the top team in their division losing it's head coach as well (Kiffin at FAU - replaced by Taggart). BYU is tough to say but I still think they'll be better than Vanderbilt, Oregon State, and Colorado this year.
  19. Every police-involved death should be investigated by a civil grand jury with some investigative and subpoena powers. That civil grand jury should release its findings and recommendations, and any and all agencies or institutions (police department or DA's office, etc.) should be required to respond in detail either to how the recommendations are being implemented or why they are not. I think that would be a good start to dealing with police abuse.
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