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  2. Shawn Marion was also a couple inches shorter than he was listed at, but still a fantastic rebounder. The height "projecting" happens by high school, coaches listing players at the height they expect to grow to be "with shoes". The listing does matter for getting recruiting notice. By college it seems like schools allow players to choose what height/weight they should be listed at. After that, the agents have a say and they don't care what the combine official measurements are.
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  4. Dude, no one considers this socialism, and even if it were, they wouldn’t care. I do think this is a really dumb time for Trump to be doing this. This is something he should be doing in his second term. He ain’t going to have a 2nd term if he keeps going like this.
  5. I don’t think they’ll focus on seeing anything but the great nearby view of her boobs.
  6. I wouldn’t call it a “makeover” because it’s too close to “make-it-be-over”. 🙂
  7. There are a lot of people in the Bay Area, but the problem is that there’s so much competition for people’s time. Stanford can’t even sell out a conference championship game.
  8. Have you ever tried going for the chicks at a blind academy? A blind girl might work out really well for you. Whenever you want to show her something, she won’t have to see it. 🤠👍
  9. It’s good that he killed himself. Maybe someone can talk Sandusky into doing the same thing.
  10. Where have you been? It’s boring without you around.
  11. I get now!!! BlewMules009 was born Amish, he was ex-communicated for obvious reasons such as his involvement in the infamous beard cutting scandal that rocked Amish world (plus their insurance company was going to cancel them unless blew-boy was removed). Now he wants back in, and he’s trying to get Amish-conservative on issues and trying to show them that he can actually get along with people. His campaign to get back in looks promising, especially that he’s at the top of the heep on posts liked on this board. What a fine effort. Now all he has to do is join Code Pink and he’s there. I wouldn’t recommend wearing the pvssy hat, though. The Amish decision makers won’t like that, and they’d much prefer that he keep his real vagina covered up down south with his leotards. 😹😹😹😹😹
  12. hey guys,how is it going in here?
  13. Last Vegas bowl is this season. The MWC gained a new bowl game in the new Rams/Chargers Stadium 2020 and beyond. Im assuming that is the MWC Champ slot
  14. SEC bias for ya. A last place team who played 2/3 of their schedule at home and went 2-11 on the road earns an at-large bid. UNLV and SJSU get snubbed.
  15. That was the worst GOT season I’ve seen. Basically the NK storyline was worthless and Jon wasn’t a factor in anything at the end of the day.
  16. I’d choose Boise, then maybe Ft Collins as a close 2nd. Other than Fresno(I live here), I’ve been to San Jose and Reno. I guess it depends what you’re into and what time of the year you go. I’d love to go skiing in Idaho and Colorado. But would also want to take advantage of the summer outdoor recreational activities that Boise has to offer.
  17. Boy you sure got him there! Don’t know how he’s going to recover from that one!
  18. UCSB sweeps Hawaii 3-0 to clinch at least a share of the Big West title. One win vs Cal Poly will give them the crown outright and the NCAA auto bid. Cal Poly wins 2 of 3 over UC Riverside and is now tied for 2nd with UC Irvine. Cal Poly needs to sweep their series at UCSB to win the auto bid. UCI sweeps UC Davis but cannot win the auto bid. UCI is still projected to earn an at-large bid.
  19. You will not hear about this on MSNBC, abc, nbc, cbs or late night shows where @retrofade, @Akkula, @Boise fan, @toonkee, @Rocket get their news. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-climate-change-drubbing-in-australia-11558283558 The result is another lesson that the politics of climate change isn’t as simple as Western cultural elites claim. Labor thought that droughts, heat waves and brush fires would cause voters to embrace its climate solutions. Young people say they care about the issue, often as virtue-signaling. Former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott lost his seat after 25 years in a tony Sydney district, where the green message resonated with affluent moderates. But caring in the abstract isn’t the same as doing something that has tangible costs. Faced with lost jobs, higher taxes and a higher cost of living, voters in democracies time and again have rejected climate-change policies that wouldn’t in the end matter all that much to the climate. Joe Biden, take note. The Liberal-National coalition will have at least 75 seats in Parliament, one short of a majority, to 65 for Labor, with votes still to be counted. Mr. Morrison may need splinter parties to form a government, but he’ll have the added credibility of a victory that was in many ways personal as he stumped around the country in the final weeks. Not known for charisma and derided by progressive elites, Mr. Morrison offered an Everyman persona that made the case for opportunity for all Australians. The Liberal-National victory shows again the importance of the economic growth message to center-right politics. Some on the American right want to abandon pro-growth policies in favor of lite versions of the left’s income redistribution schemes. That rarely works, and it didn’t for Mr. Morrison when his proposal for loan guarantees for some first-time home buyers was quickly adopted by Labor. The right in Australia won on the sharp contrast with the left on taxes, growth and climate change. Rest assured that if Labor had won, the result would have been heralded far and wide in Western media as a new era for climate-change politics. Expect to read little about this climate-change drubbing. https://www.wsj.com/articles/what-if-green-energy-isnt-the-future-11558294830?mod=searchresults&page=1&pos=1 Meanwhile, there are already signs that the green vision is losing luster. Sweden’s big shift to wind power has not only created alarm over inadequate electricity supplies; it’s depressing economic growth and may imperil that nation’s bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics. China, although adept at green virtue-signaling, has quietly restarted massive domestic coal-power construction and is building hundreds of coal plants for emerging economies around the world. In the U.S., utilities, furiously but without fanfare, have been adding billions of dollars of massive oil- and natural-gas-burning diesel engines to the grid. Over the past two decades, three times as much grid-class reciprocating engine capacity has been added to the U.S. grid as in the entire half-century before. It’s the only practical way to produce grid-scale electricity fast enough when the wind dies off. Sweden will doubtless be forced to do the same. A common response to all of the above: Make more electric cars. But mere arithmetic reveals that even the optimists’ 100-fold growth in electric vehicles wouldn’t displace more than 5% of global oil demand in two decades. Tepid growth in gasoline demand would be more than offset by growing economies’ appetites for air travel and manufactured goods. Goodness knows what would happen if Trump-like economic growth were to take hold in the rest of the developed world. As Mr. Buffett knows, the IEA foresees the U.S. supplying nearly three-fourths of the world’s net new demand for oil and gas. Green advocates can hope to persuade governments—and thus taxpayers—to deploy a huge tax on hydrocarbons to ensure more green construction. But there’s no chance that wealthy nations will agree to subsidize expensive green tech for the rest of the world. And we know where the Oracle of Omaha has placed a bet.
  20. Yes, those are very interesting. I saw some of these when I visited Australia. They're found in New South Wales and it's called a Waratah. And there's even a pro rugby team named for them. If you're ever in Sydney be sure to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens. It's an awesome place!
  21. I know we lost Vegas.. Is our champ really gonna play the #3 CUSA team or some shit?
  22. Lol yup.. I’ll never forget his Phil Steele posts, comedic gold.
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