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  2. Are you proud that your parents are locked up somewhere because idiots like you refuse to take the advise of medical experts? Are you in for an inheritance?
  3. yeah there's no shame in this one lmao. a cool one million and a free W?
  4. Exactly what I was thinking, hence the laugh react. Wyoming is going to get million dollar pay day for a most likely W.
  5. Clemson helped arrange the game after backing out and paying Wyoming $1 million so Clemson could play Georgia.
  6. sounds like a trade-off with the clemson road game that clemson wanted out of. clemson doing uconn a favor
  7. Or Bloomberg who I supported. The Dem establishment is completely F’d up I would agree.
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  9. If Trump loses, I think he bitches and moans about "rigged" system, but does ultimately leave. I also think he pursues ways to monetize his cult following, launching media platforms catering to has followers with nativist agendas and conspiracy theories.
  10. Well, mom is 84 and in a long term care facility suffering from end stage Alzheimer's so she's not going anywhere soon. Dad is 86 , semi-ambulatory with congestive heart failure and beginning to experience rapid cognitive decline. We've been trying to get him in a facility since March but none are open to new patients until this nonsense dies down. My grandfather on my mom's side died in 1941 in a boating accident. My mom's mother died in 89 from cancer. Dad's parents are dead also None of them will be going shopping anytime soon. Would you care to make a cogent, fact -based argument free from emotionalism to counter my points? Maybe ask about when I plan to go shopping since I'm over 60 and someone else's father and grandfather; 1 son, 1 daughter, 3 grandsons and hopefully a grand daughter shortly. Answer: Yesterday, I went to Vons for food, Home Depot for some pressure treated plywood and Costco to pick up a few odds and ends. i wore my mask because its required to enter to store but I'm also healthy, fit (4 miles/day runner), of normal body weight, have no preexisting conditions, take no medications and am fully capable of the simple math required to calculate risk. I've also traveled to various war zones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Djibouti) roughly 20 times in the last 15 years or so as well as numerous other garden spots war zone "adjacent" so how I perceive risk is slightly different than your average grand dad. I'll be in Saudi as soon as i can get a flight. Next question?
  11. “To get an education?“ Come on! The vast majority of these kids didn’t graduate. They made Vegas, the NCAA AND Tark a lot of money. IF Tark had graduated most of these kids, than your argument holds water. The NCAA avg. grad rate in the 80s was a horrible 40 percent. Vegas had a grad rate of 1/3 of that by most estimates I’ve read. His model of recruiting is defunct. Like I said in an earlier post. It had grown tired when he was asked to leave Fresno State with a check for $240k they didn’t have to pay him. YOU started this argument. Vegas has had success with one coach. And it won because Tark thought it was altruistic to recruit contrary to NCAA rules. I’m sorry, I don’t believe Vegas is any different than a New Mexico or a SDSU or even a Nevada since he was fired. It had an incredible journey with a unique coach. End of argument.
  12. If the Democrats didn't have these lame purity tests ("We can't have a self-made billionaire....they are evil!!!!"), we might actually get guys like Howard Schutlz running, that have actually accomplished something.
  13. Great example. That's part of the problem. How can their be cries that we have a shortage of medical professionals in this Country, when the schools won't increase enrollment for qualified people that WANT the degrees.
  14. Wyoming is on a kick scheduling football Independents, having scheduled BYU, NM State and now UConn. Wyoming to play at UConn in 2021 Wyoming will travel to take on UConn at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Conn., on Sept. 25, 2021. The game will mark the first-ever meeting between the two schools on the gridiron. Wyoming will reportedly receive $1 million for playing at UConn, although they will receive that payment from Clemson as a part of the cancellation agreement. https://fbschedules.com/wyoming-to-play-at-uconn-in-2021/
  15. Unless Moscow Mitch is even slimey than I think he is, there's no way Trump will be successul with such a bargaining chip charade. Doesn't mean I would put it past Trump at all, however. Mr. Grumpy has several coals still in the fire with regard to possible criminal activity and if they're still hanging around by the end of the year, I have little doubt he'll throw out bullshit trying to scare weak elected officials into worrying about a constitutional crisis. How would I feel if that happened? To quote GW Bush, bring it on! I still subscribe to the Civil War analogy that our country then needed a horrific event to force the two major parties to get their lunatic fringes to STFU. So if Trump continues to have some support within the Republican Party after losing the election and the actual adults in that party refuse to take the bull by the horns and clean things up, we might need that nuclear option.
  16. You won't find me joining those who say Trump might affirmatively encourage violence. However, since Charlottesville is proof that he won't outright condemn public demonstrations by bigots who support him unless forced to do so, I can easily see him standing by and allowing violence to occur without doing anything until public pressure demands it. I can also envision him tacitly fomenting demonstrations by claiming election misconduct regardless of the infinitesimal nature of the proof. By that I mean something like claiming he failed to win Michigan because two polling place allegedly opened 20 minutes late while ignoring the fact he lost the state by 50,000 votes so even if his claim was proved to be true, it couldn't have possibly altered the outcome. Feel free to contend there's no way Donald Trump would ever so conduct himself.
  17. But Convert, whether or not he was an incompetent AG is beside the point. Trump blasted him for recusing himself, and he responded.
  18. When’s the next time your parents or grandparents go out shopping and where?
  19. If this happens we could enjoy the Stanley Cup playoffs and then roll right into college football season. It's not perfect but I'd hate for the 69 games each team averaged playing for the 2019-20 season to end without someone hoisting the cup. NHLPA board approves 24-team, return-to play-format https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/05/22/nhlpa-board-approves-24-team-return-to-play-format/ Based on points percentage at the time of the March 12 NHL pause, the top four teams in each conference (Boston, Tampa, Washington, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Colorado, Vegas, Dallas) will receive a first-round bye. Round 1 will feature eight play-in matchups in a best-of-five series. As the play-in round takes place, the eight conference leaders could potentially take part in a mini tournament that will determine the seeding for Round 2. Reseeding after the play-in round is another topic likely to be discussed. Here’s what it might end up looking like: EASTERN CONFERENCE ROUND 1 BYES • Bruins • Lightning • Capitals • Flyers PLAY-IN ROUND (5) Penguins vs. — Winner plays No. 4 seed (12) Canadiens (6) Hurricanes vs. — Winner plays No. 3 seed (11) Rangers (7) Islanders vs. — Winner plays No. 2 seed (10) Panthers (8) Maple Leafs vs. — Winner plays No. 1 seed (9) Blue Jackets WESTERN CONFERENCE ROUND 1 BYES • Blues • Avalanche • Golden Knights • Stars PLAY-IN ROUND (5) Oilers vs. — Winner plays No. 4 seed (12) Blackhawks (6) Predators vs. — Winner plays No. 3 seed (11) Coyotes (7) Canucks vs. — Winner plays No. 2 seed (10) Wild (8) Flames vs. — Winner plays No. 1 seed (9) Jets Games would be played without fans with teams based in hub cities potentially located in both the U.S. and Canada. Columbus, Las Vegas, and Edmonton are a few of the cities that have shown interested in playing host to playoff games.
  20. Here's mine. He'll leave, but he'll threaten not to and will constantly attempt to sow doubt about the results. I feel confident in that because he did all that when he won. My wild card prediction is that he will use "not leaving" as a bargaining chip for something.
  21. I think one thing that isn't being talked about enough is the devastation for many of those who survive. We have focused on the life and death numbers, but the long term illnesses resulting from this virus are what makes it so devastating. When you recover from the flu, you fully recover. But so many Covid survivors experience multiple blood clots, resulting in strokes, heart attacks (even in young people), pulmonary embolisms, and extreme fatigue, not to mention pulmonary fibrosis. Active symptoms are frequently lasting anywhere from 2-4 months, and of course may extend even longer. Of course many lucky ones are asymptomatic, and experience no long term effects. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to whom it devastates, for those who had no underlying conditions. And the Kawasaki like illnesses, an offshoot from this virus, that are now manifesting in small children is enough to make me consider 'retiring' from dental hygiene, as I will NOT be the one to bring this to my grandchildren, or children. And yes, I take the precautions that are available to me at work, but with hygienists having a 99.79% risk factor, the highest of all healthcare professions, I doubt that it's enough. This is not how I anticipated leaving my life long profession. It might be either that, or quit seeing my family. While I am on the subject of dentistry, unless you have an emergency, I would not hurry back in for routine or preventive care. The aerosols created during routine dentistry, and especially 'cleanings', can hang around in the operatory for approximately 2-3 hours. So although we can thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, and limit the use of ultrasonic scalers, unless our offices have installed negative air systems, (most have not) if a patient before you had the virus, you could possibly be exposed. To put it in perspective, the HIV can survive 1 1/2 seconds without a host. So either take the first appointment of the day, or give it a few more months before rushing in unless you have to, just MAKE SURE TO FLOSS, you'll be ok for another few months (and I'm referring to routine visits, not emergencies or periodontal disease). And no, that doesn't mean to quit going to the dentist indefinitely, lol, just maybe hold off for a bit until we know more.
  22. I never said Tark didn't bend the rules, he and every other coach that wasn't in last place did. I didn't say he recruited just "needy" kids either. My exactly phrasing was "Tark was for going after troubled inner-city kids who no risk-adverse colleges would touch with a 10-foot pole because they made mistakes. Giving them a second chance to get off the streets, away from drugs and use their god-given talents to get a college education and have a future." -- He's a basketball coach. You don't have to tell me he needed to recruit kids who could play basketball. lol. What are you even arguing about at this point? My point was he took chances on kids who were "character risks" and you're acting like that's a bad thing because of your opinion that they "had no business being in college" in the first place--Which was a f*cked up thing to say, and if you had an ounce of integrity you would walk it back. Chris Herren got kicked out of Boston College for being a heroin junkie, I guess he had "no business being in college" because he was 18 years old and made a MISTAKE. --That didn't stop Tark from giving him a second chance. Herren credits Tark for saving his life and what did Herren do with the opportunity that Tark gave him? I think we know.
  23. We'll see how the new staff decides to use him. He could still be an effective situational QB - he's always been dangerous in short yardage situations. Also he could benefit with better RPO scheming with passes that get receivers open earlier in the play. This will be his first season being coached by someone other than Ron Odell, who came from Bishop Gorman with Sanchez.
  24. Will his first game be at your Sam Boyd home field -or- your AirB&B w/retractable roof by the I-15 In & Out? Book the AirB&B early so your guests don't get moved from Sat-to-Fri again. :-(
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