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  2. I’m going this summer...trying to backpack up to the headwaters of the Salmon. Any inside info?
  3. Again you are showing you do not understand this board. 11 voted third party, i know for a fact if that option was removed several as in 3 to 4 would choose the democratic nominee, 2 or 3 would choose Trump and the rest would choose not to vote. I am sure you do not believe me because you do not know us. Take away third party and Trump/Drmocrat becomes a 50/50 split. People like myself, Top25, Retro, Blues will NEVER vote for Trump but I garuntee we all chose third party. Retro and I would choose the D candidate, the others would abstain. This is a balanced board, you thinking otherwise says a lot about you.
  4. Damn, sorry for missing the vote guys. I was, no joke, taking a knitting class.
  5. Ugh I didn’t check in till now and our amazing idea of lynching first night turned out awesome....so it’s 4-1 with a traitor....
  6. Yes. He just tweeted today NCAA granted him immediate eligibility.
  7. Ugh, going to show SGF some mercy here. In English it is simply "grandmother" or "grandmother on my mothers/fathers side" in general conversation if further clarification gives meaningful context. If you are looking for a technical term, it would be "maternal/paternal grandmother". Semantics aside, that is cool SGF.
  8. Wisconsin Badgers. @cgzpack is up Then it will be @Del Scorcho
  9. Losing Phil and Paul would be just too much. The way Phil says the "my-oh-jherne" is burned into my brain.
  10. You wake up and climb out of your cryo-pods only to find a pile of rubble where 4UNLV's pod was. The pod is ripped to shreds and covered in blood. Down the line you discover WYO1016 lying dead inside his pod. After a quick count you also notice mugtang is missing and realize you'll be scraping up his remains along with 4UNLV's. Autopsy reveals that the now deceased 4UNLV was human and replicants mugtang and WYO1016 have been permanently shut down. Day 2 Lynch deadline 8:00pm
  11. Ahhh I think I see where the disconnect is. You are right in that most of the full time trolls on both ends are millennials. However the vast majority of millennials simply do not talk politics on social media whereas a much of the older generations feel more comfortable espousing their politics and arguing in comment sections with strangers.
  12. I just signed in as Mano (sorry, but I didn’t make any changes or anything) to check to see if he could see the votes, he could not the way it’s currently setup. If he edited the poll to make the votes public he could see the results as could everybody else. For the record I can see who votes even if it’s set to private.
  13. It’s also really possible that some candidates will be scared away by the intimidating 5 fat Spartans on the court surface.....but they’re so 3D real !!!
  14. I’ll take it but I’m only available for the summer
  15. Right I understand that position. But I’m talking the overall position of the board, not on a single issue. But I can also see why that would influence your views on the overall position of the board.
  16. I’m pretty sure that is an NC State girl. No space between the wolf and pack.
  17. Iowa @bsu_alum9 you’re up. @cgzpack is on deck.
  18. You can choose not to look. I think most people here know and respect you enough to not feel violated if you know some basic info about them. Just dont look though.
  19. Today
  20. Yep. Hard to characterize that as moderate. And I’m not a everything Trump has done is horrible person. Hell, at first I was one of the few Trump supporters in the early primary season before concluding he was too unstable to be President. I voted libertarian last election but not again. A policy of separating children from parents is inexcusable and will go down among the worst moments in US history.
  21. Pretty sure at least Magic and Kareem were there before West.
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