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  2. Reno. Go there every year for the races. I really like the city. For a place I haven't been, Fort Collins.
  3. Color me shocked that the majority Y'all Qaeda would be against something with the word "Arab" in it. My overall take away is just that people are stupid though, especially when you see this little gem.
  4. That's because you are a +++++ing idiot though.
  5. Do yourself a favor & get Wayz. Oh wait...I forgot we’re dealing w/wyo-ites.
  6. Just protecting Lt CaspAr Collins’ honor... If the map maker was wrong, does that make it right?
  7. Guess you’ve never been to Houston, or are your a fan of Refineries & Chemical Plants?
  8. It was on TV is must be true. :-) Go hang-out near the old Holiday Inn in Reno. That place is thick w/Cracked/Meth’d out hookers... I have recent ABQ bias. My Lyft Driver came back to my room the last time I was in New Méx for wrk...
  9. Matt Mooney, the best grad transfer in college basketball last year that led Texas Tech to the national championship game transferred from the summit league and had better numbers at Texas Tech than he did at South Dakota.
  10. I feel the same way about basketball, although I get that's a little different because there is money involved with corporate sponsors and all that. Plus the exposure of the tourney in Vegas.
  11. Hearing a lot of conflicting reports with him, may be reclassified to 2019, may be a 2020. But it looks like Derryck Thorton formerly of Duke and USC will be signing with us next week. Not a fan of his at all, can’t shoot and can’t drive to the rim to save his life; possibly the most overrated five-star high school player ever. Oh well.But the reason we soured on Jenkins is that we wanted him for 19 and it looks like it won’t be until 2020, at least with us it would not have been that would’ve blocked some very high profile recruits potentially coming in.
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  13. Tampa, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Philly, Hartford, Annapolis, Tulsa, Cincy, etc don't strike me as 'shit hole rat infested crime ridden dumps'
  14. Ya I was just being technical to stir people up. When did they put a costco in loveland? I always thought they only had a sams club.
  15. I picked Laramie because it's the only MWC town that I haven't spent at least a weekend in. In fact, I've never even been there. So if it is as good as some of you claim then it's worth checking out Actually I've never been to Logan either, but I've spent several weeks in Ogden (Weber State U) and I'm thinking Logan can't be as good as Ogden (which I like).
  16. Mike Bronson is thinking it is going to sour quickly when you have to deflate her every time your mom cleans your room.
  17. Mike Bronson always thought Warbow made good sense. Mahalo!
  18. Guess misread the tie breakers
  19. Warbow agreed with this.
  20. This weak shit isn't going to get you anywhere little man.
  21. https://www.wsj.com/articles/students-were-advised-to-claim-to-be-minorities-in-college-admissions-scandal-11558171800?mod=hp_lead_pos1 Colleges count on honesty, and it would be difficult to catch applicants who misrepresent their race, said Stefanie Niles, president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling. “You could have a student who looks white but who is multiracial,” she said. Ms. Niles added that it is unlikely applicants would check a box mistakenly. She said the Common Application prompts students who have selected a racial category to then check additional boxes confirming their selection. In looking to present a teen as a minority, Mr. Singer was tapping into a hot-button aspect of college admissions that has led to numerous lawsuits: decisions that take into account, or even give preference to, students of certain races or ethnicities. Schools that pursue race-conscious admissions policies say they do so to provide a richer learning environment for all students and are following Supreme Court precedent that allows such an approach. Harvard University faces a civil lawsuit accusing it of discrimination, with plaintiffs claiming the school holds Asian-American applicants to a higher standard than applicants of other races. Harvard denies the accusation, saying it uses a holistic approach and a complex set of factors to hand out acceptances.
  22. Really what a poll like this emphasizes is that people living in the MWC footprint have far better lives than those in shit hole rat infested crime ridden dumps the AAC is made of
  23. Can’t wait to visit Hawaii.
  24. It is the best lake fishing I have ever experienced, bar none and hands down. I have days out there where 4-5 25+ inch trout is a thing. And IMHO the isolated high desert feel is majestic. Reno is tits.
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