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  2. Gustavo Dudamel is a conductor of classical music. If you're into that sort of thing, he is a joy to watch given how expressive he is. YouTube has quite a selection. He believes music can be "an engine for social change".
  3. Just exactly how do you lose a glacier? I mean put a GPS unit on it if it’s been taking off without telling you.
  4. For that money, the name will be... Provident Credit Union Event Center at San José State University
  5. July 22, 2019 memo to Mueller from DOJ (day before public testimony): As the Attorney General has repeatedly stated, the decision to testify before Congress is yours to make in this case, but the Department agrees with your stated position that your testimony should be unnecessary under the circumstances. The Department generally does not permit prosecutors such as you to appear and testify before Congress regarding their investigative and prosecutorial activity. In addition, the Department already has taken extraordinary steps to make almost your entire report, as well as a substantial volume of your underlying investigative material, available to the committees. Should you testify, the Department understands that testimony regarding the work of the Special Counsel’s Office will be governed by the terms you outlined on May 29 – specifically, that the information you discuss during your testimony appears in, and does “not go beyond,” the public version of your March 22, 2019 report to the Attorney General or your May 29 public statement.
  6. The breaking news is SJSU Event Center to get a 20 yrs deal with Provident CU for $20M. New updates/renovation to the basketball facility to come.
  7. There’s no question he misspeaks and says dumb things, but there’s also no doubt that quite a bit of the time he’s just successfully trolling the living shit out of you.
  8. That wasn't the big deal people made it out to be. Bosworth had a guy in his legs blocking him so Bo had all the forward momentum.
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  10. Los Angeles - Pac12 Arizona Bowl and Potato Bowl - MAC Hawaii Bowl - American New Mexico Bowl - C-USA was the former tie in. Cheez-It Bowl - Was a PAC-12 vs B1G matchup. So, didn't improve but didn't slide back either.
  11. I doubt there’s been a more documented case of “Bro-ness” when first met King Kustra and demanded a flying high five because of the above.
  12. I belong to the camp that believes she did it to try and get a super majority in Parliament. While she had the votes according to most media reports, it was an attempt to put a stamp of verification on Brexit. The problem was that people were losing confidence in the movement and in her leadership after several missteps. She shot herself in the foot. I don’t know re Johnson. He’s a loose canon like Trump.
  13. With a smug face some stated today,”We’d love to have SJSU be a major game each year.” Thus they don’t understand that the 2013 game instilled a ten year (at least) hangover. Our loss to Nevada did the same, but it was expedited by our 2014 Fiesta Bowl win.
  14. Only one school who thinks winning one game (I'll give them that...better team that day) is the equal to BSU. $ doesn't lie!
  15. I love when folks on the left think their #$%& doesn't stink. Hannity is a partisan...no question. As is most of the night time line up at Fox. Surely you must realize that MSNBC is the left's version of Fox? MSNBC's night time line up is just as partisan. The only difference between you and your family member is the network and message you like.
  16. Bo Jackson, and to narrow it to one impressive feat, this game below. Bo Jackson was Rocky, and Brian Bozworth was the ominous evil Russian steroid freak. (sorry - NFL block the embedded Youtube image, but you can find it at "When the Boz Met Bo Jackson")
  17. Wort every penny bruddah for privilege listen to Robert Kekaula.
  18. Absolutely not, we have enough trouble filling the stands of the MWCCG host. 2014 Fiesta Bowl year local businesses were giving tickets away for the MWCCG and the stadium was still quite empty.
  19. Thompson had no choice this time around, it's part of the contract that brought us back. The deal is permanent.
  20. Chris Maathuis @sports8 56m Las Vegas Stadium already luring big events into town with the @pac12Title game coming in 2021. MWC is also interested holding its Championship here in Vegas. #MakesSense
  21. There’s only one program that has the balls to win a conference championship and then embarrass us all by losing the Vegas Bowl.
  22. What is your weird dream? My father flew in helicopters alot when i was young. He told me he was scared to death of hitting a powerline and they were always supposed to tell a pilot when they spotted one. I always have a flying dream where i keep getting tangled up in power lines. I can't get high enough to get over them. they form net like areas below me so i can't get down. The higher i go the more they grow. Scares the hell out of me.
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