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  2. The push for mail in ballots has happened in red and blue states, so I’m not sure why 100% of the people bitching about it are Republicans.
  3. If you think there is a shortage of doctors now, what do you think would happen if we went to a universal health care system?
  4. Please tell me about these safeguards. You might change my point of view. Seriously.
  5. Seems to me they have safeguard in place. In CA you can track your ballot. I’m not saying +++++ ups can’t occur but they can occur a variety of ways regardless.
  6. Man, I thought the state Republican committee in Nevada was dumb but this is next level.
  7. I’m not a Dem or a Republican. You asked a question and I gave you an answer and pointed out it’s not much different than other for profit industries. You didn’t ask nor did I offer, as it wasn’t asked, my opinion on the approach. BTW, if they only could hire doctors they had to incur the costs to train, I would guess we would have an even greater doctor shortage.
  8. Keep dodging a simple question. Cite the law and I will be happy to see what other cases may be associated to it. But you keep ranting without making any reference to the underlying statutes at play.
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  10. That’s what they lie to you about and tell you sheep to think at CNN and MSLSD. The narrative has been that Trump is a Russian spy, and now that every single Obama official has had their classified testimony revealed, it has shown that there wasn’t even a shred of empirical evidence or even a slight tid bit of anything, let alone any probable cause to look into the matter. All of the Obama officials have been 100% lying for 3.5 years pushing 100% propaganda to you, and you lapped it up like a happy sheep. So maybe you shouldn’t be preaching to anyone about being devoted to something with no limit. You were lied to, it was proven wrong, and you still keep coming back for more because that’s what TDS does to you.
  11. So glad our President is using the power of his office to add fire to unfounded conspiracy theories. If he should win I can’t wait to see how much lower we can sink as a country...
  12. So, you think the government should subsidize private, for profit corporations (Hospitals), by helping them to give jobs to cheaper labor H1B visas doctors, over more expensive American Citizens? Basically, hire the cheap labor, at the expense of Americans? Are you really a Democrat? You sound like a Republican.
  13. No, you oddly tried to change the subject and posted about Tara Reade. Your whole assertion is that we simply can't know if the 9th Circuit was being predictably radical and activist (as usual), or that the Judge had to apply the law as it was written (as you argue), when the Ninth Circuit Judge ruled that a prisoner has a United States Constitutional right to get a government paid sex change operation. So... I simply challenged your dumb statement, and said, we can absolutely know, by seeing if other Circuits ruled the same way as the 9th Circuit. Please find a single other circuit that ruled the same as the 9th Circuit... You then oddly responded by suggesting that it was a silly question, because "it is Idaho law" (very dumb statement....wrong, it's the US Constitution at issue), and oddly tried to change the subject to Tara Reade. Why are you afraid to answer a simple question? The linked article even mentions the 5th Circuit not agreeing, so of course my question is valid.
  14. Seeing as how Sessions was I believe the first elected official to stand behind Trump's candidacy, I guess we can just call this one yet another lie.
  15. Because it costs money to train a resident. Same as any job training a new employee. Again, many hospitals are for profit entities. You could ask the same question about why does Silicon Valley hire so many H1B engineers from India.
  16. You want so badly for that this tiny % of knuckleheads be a real representation of a large number of them. You want it sooo bad!! For you people on the left so much against negative stereotypes for certain people, and others you don’t like, it’s OK. Now that is funny stuff. 😂🤣🤪😝😝🤪👍
  17. Then why aren't Hospitals increasing residency slots (which benefits American citizens), and instead crying "we don't have enough doctors!!!" Why are hospitals chasing after foreign national H1-B Visa doctors, when, per your story, recent medical graduates desperately want to be hired for a residency, and hospitals won't hire them?
  18. I answered your question directly. It could very well be a state law being applied so your question is a snipe hunt. Besides it’s your thread impugning the court so you ought to respond to a valid question and show, in fact, it’s not a function of the underlying law. as for Reade just showing a pattern of impugning without the facts.
  19. You completely dodged and avoided the question. And then very oddly tried to change to topic to Tara Reade???? This is not a Tara Reade thread. You are embarrassing yourself. Back up your assertion... Back on topic: If this decision is simply based on the judge applying the law (and not blind activism), then please show me another Circuit (there are 13) that has ALSO ruled that prisoners are constitutionally entitled to get sex change operations paid for by the government. If it's just about applying the law, Surely, one of the other appeals courts would agree, right? So, please share which other circuits agree....
  20. It’s not just Medical school slots you need but you also need residency slots and training a resident isn’t for free. We already have graduating medical students from US Med schools who are unable to find a residency match. I tried to help a friend of my daughter in law who didn’t have great test scores but would have been a great family practitioner. No luck. She is currently back in Canada. Remember is a market based system supply is not determined by total demand. Supply is determined by profitable demand for the doctor and the hospital. In every market based system, demand exists that isn’t profitable to serve.
  21. It could be state law so your point isn’t valid. Instead you jumped to a conclusion without knowing the facts. Which is fine we all do but you could acknowledge a legitimate question. Instead you press forward with potential mis-characterizations kind of like the Tara Reade posts whom is looking less credible everyday. Reade has come under fire for billing herself as “a domestic violence expert” when testifying as a government witness in Monterey County, Calif. court cases, with ABC News reporting that she “touted Biden’s work for women” while under oath, citing transcripts. She served as an expert witness in various cases for years, but her newfound fame has put a spotlight on her legitimacy. “Defense attorneys are reportedly now trying to determine if the transcripts show she provided false testimony about her credentials,” ABC News reported, noting that claims she earned a B.A. from Antioch University have raised eyebrows. The Times also reported that lawyers were looking into Reade’s past. “On Thursday in California, lawyers who had faced off against her in court began raising questions about the legitimacy of her testimony, and the verdicts that followed, after news reports that Antioch University had disputed her claim of receiving a bachelor’s degree from its Seattle campus,” the Times reported. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP An Antioch University spokesperson told ABC News that Reade “attended but did not graduate.”
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