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Super OT: college baseball skeds released

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Yes I know we are all torqued about the gridiron and how all that ultimately plays out..good, bad, or otherwise.  Hoops just started and there is a loooong way to go re all that.  Meanwhile, betwixt gridiron conclusion in January and while hoops is really getting its freak on to its March Madness, college baseball subtly starts its path in early February going to June in Omaha,  If I may, let's briefly yammer about college baseball. 

Why? Because I get to play just one of ya'll, peripheral.  Utah in the fifth game in Corpus Christi.

Coogs open up against Cal weekend 3-game traditional.  We also host up Oklahoma for the same a bit later.  We are at Minnesota after that with Texas A&M in the middle.  Some other things along the way (Northwestern weekend homey) before conference play and the annual 3-game sprinkled series with Rice and Sam Houston for local trophy matters. 

What I miss is this.  It seems like every year we play a MWC squad one way or another.  It just usually worked out that way.  But not this year.  Bummer. 

Anywho, if ya'll are interested in this early topic..who do you gots re OOC baseball? 


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UC Santa Barbara's so far.. 

4x Oregon at home

SJSU at home for 1

LMU home & home

Pepperdine home & home

UNM 1x, Minnesota 2x and Oregon State 1x at the College Baseball Classic in Surprise, AZ


I also expect us to have our usual home & home games with both USC and UCLA, and a wag on my part, we'll play a road series at Nevada.  I would be down for a series or two with Houston.

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I have been piecing some of the baseball schedules together as teams have announced:

San Diego St: opens vs. Arizona St in Surprise AZ (3); vs. Washington St

Air Force: @ Oklahoma (1); @ Texas Tech (2); Kansas St (2)

UNLV: Arizona St (2); vs. Washington St; @ Oklahoma (2); @ Arkansas (2)

San Jose St: Washington (4)

New Mexico: Texas Tech (2)

Nevada: @ Oregon St (2); LBSU (2)

Fresno St: @ LBSU (2)


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