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Wyoming @ BYU Game Thread 8:15 PM MT ESPN2

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On 9/23/2022 at 5:28 PM, Mano said:

What has been surprising is that their celebrated online has been unable to open any holes in the run game. It was anemic both against Baylor and Oregon. I think Algiers may have made have masked some of their deficiencies last year.

Maybe but Katoa looks better.  Brooks is disappointing. Or as you said Algiers was just that good.

The Masters 5k road race All American.

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This thread is gold.

Everyone: byu can play a bag of skin flutes

byu fans: Why does everyone hate us?

Everyone: A history of general douchebaggery, including "the project"

byu fans: *trip over themselves to rationalize why those things weren't THAT douchey"

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There have been a lot of BYU fans on here that always say the Black 14 was a thing of the past and it is over. So is it now? Or was it then? Is it over? Can my junior high PE teacher Mel Hamilton make it out of Utah alive? He did have a have a hot, white wife when I was in ninth grade. Is that looked down upon still in Provo? 

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