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We run this conference.

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22 minutes ago, fanhood said:

Sorry friend. The lefties must eat their bigot words, and suffer immensely. 



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1 hour ago, 4UNLV said:

It has not been a good day for the Aztecs. Lost to Michigan (and looked worse doing it than UNLV did a couple of games in) and now getting blown out by the Aggies.

Back to reality, but it was fun for a while, yeah?

Yeah, today was harsh. It didn't help that we were down 20 players to COVID protocol, but I doubt it would have made a difference anyway.

Hey - we're used to this as San Diego sports fans.

But at least we can still hang our at on being the winningest program in the conference by a country mile. :) 

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11 minutes ago, Koji Vu said:


Ah yes, the facist left. Anyone that disagrees must be a terrorist, right?

As I wake up, and look outside to see beautiful snow on the ground, I praise God that I do not live in California.

Nice win Aggies. Frankly, SDSU deserved the beatdown, and deserves the Arizona Bowl. 


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