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We run this conference.

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3 hours ago, EvilPoke said:

D- on the reply. There's plenty of accurate slams to come back with. I expect better next time. 

I soundly reject your assessment. A rodeo reference and a Truman callback? :blink: That's a solid B friendo or GTFO.

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6 hours ago, ChicagoAggie said:

Funny. The claim was that you own this conference. Was that claim for this year or a historical reference?  You haven’t won shit this year and if you claim historical ownership maybe you need to take your post and look in the mirror.

Did you just start following college sports last year? That's cute.






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2 hours ago, Spaztecs said:

Not this year.

Next Summer, they will once again be the Perennial Pre-Season MW Champs.

As well they should be. Aztecs are the only team in the MWC with a Winning Record against Boise.

They always represent, solid program, great fans just wish we played them every year.

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