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Boise State @ San Diego State

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"I never saw a buckin' hoss to top Steamboat. Fact is, he was the closest thing to perpetual motion that ever wore hair. Few men could stand that kind of battering without bleeding from the nose, and most became nauseated as well. Ol' Steamboat put some of the toughest into the hospital for repairs."

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30 minutes ago, An Admirer from the East said:


It's called dirt and grass.

Not that Blue plastic shit Boise plays on.

"We don't have evidence but, we have lot's of theories."

Americans Mayor

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9 minutes ago, tailingpermit said:

Shouldn’t you be bailing your buddies out of the Joser jail?

Theyre still busy reading and replying to all your posts in the Joser - FS game thread. 

San Jose State
Announced: 85,235
Scanned: 33,892
Percentage: 39.8%
Actual Attendance Per Game: 5,648

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