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Boise State @ CSU game thread.

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6 minutes ago, Spot50B said:

Rams have been deadly on third down tonight. Nice stop after flipping the field.

Centeio panicked.  Not great at working in his end zone.  Had a wide open guy crossing for a big gain.

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23 minutes ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:


What is it trying to communicate?



     RED = BAD


It’s pretty Universal ¿NO?




I know it's not my normal MO, but you have a problem w/me providing a non-partisan service to The Board?




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19 minutes ago, ziggy29 said:

The punter outkicked the coverage there.


It happens a lot when you have the best college punter in the last-decade-or-more.


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5 minutes ago, jewelz4562000 said:

Csu fans. Can u explain how every game lead or losing your crowd goes from 85% full to 800 ppl by the 4th? I don't get it


Kids these days...



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