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Brett Favre must return $828,000…

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Brett's getting phucked over on this one. It seems other celebrities have as well. In a nutshell, the government official who hired these celebrities wrongly paid for the services out of TANF funds. Unless Brett and these other celebrities new they were being paid fraudulently, it's phucked they performed services for which they will not be paid. In fact, the fact that these people are paying those funds back shows great integrity on their part. They don't want to be associated with being paid out of funds that were intended to help the poor. Personally, I think they could prevail by not repaying the funds if they didn't have knowledge of the fraud, but that wouldn't be a good look publicly.

Brett's only crime was becoming a Viking.

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1 hour ago, LoboMan59 said:

‘Auditor Demands Brett Favre Return $828,000 in ‘Illegally Spent Welfare Funds’



Embodies everything reflective of MAGAts and Republicans in general.  Take all you can. Have your hand out and get all you can.  Then turn around and bitch about brown and black people having the nerve doing the same thing.

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8 minutes ago, modestobulldog said:

Brett's only crime was becoming a Viking.

That was one of his best seasons of his career, only reason he wasn't Super Bowl bound was because of the Saints pay to injure bullshit.

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