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Utah State at UNLV

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This D needs to be addressed by Arroyo ASAP!  His recruiting prowess needs to be put to work and he needs to hit the NCAA portal, the Dr Pepper portal and the freaking JC’s this off season!  Earn your money you freaking bum!

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OK so we have a FR QB and a bunch of out of shape fat +++++s on the OL who couldn't block a broken down semi.  A WR group who can't make a catch when he can actually manage to get off a pass.  No pass rush whatsoever.  DBs blowing assignments bc nobody knows what they are doing.

The coaching is atrocious. 

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We have some of the dumbest guys in football on the offensive line!  Every time we make a big play, there’s a flag for holding, ineligible down field, tripping or some other dumb ass penalty!  This is on you and your staff Arroyo, fix it!

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