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RIP Norm Macdonald

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38 minutes ago, CPslograd said:


Good piece.  Also in the Conan clip, look how subtly he gets in the Ed McMahon reference, he know half or more of his audience doesn’t even get it, but he knows it’s funny

I saw this excerpt from an interview in 2009 and boy does it hammer home his greatness and how much we miss him already.


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1 hour ago, TheSanDiegan said:

Holy shit I didn't know he had dropped any new specials recently. After watching this I went to check on Netflix and now have something to watch tonight. Thanks man.

I might just re watch it with you tonight.

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I want SNL to bring Celebrity Jeopardy back one last time this season.... a segment to commemorate both Alex Trebek and Norm Macdonald Burt Reynolds Turd Ferguson. 

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The one where he was doing the white house correspondents party or whatever it was and he congratulated the first female being promoted to military general and then said her only obstacle was figuring out how to sexually harass herself.  Top notch.

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