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North Dakota at Utah State

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20 minutes ago, SJSUMFA2013 said:

Forget the expansion threads. Let’s just replace CSU, UNLV, and Utah State with the FCS teams they lost to.

This thought crossed my mind last week. How much more fun would a couple of play in weeks to start the season to see who represents the conference that year? That’s a billion times more interesting than the anything in the AAC.

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Nice win Aggies.  ND is a solid team.  The Aggies had a really tough time with their offense and the misdirection throws that they were playing and all the trick plays they ran. The second third and fourth quarter the Aggie defense played really really well. I'm just happy to get out of the game with the win.

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Good night for the MWC.  Looks like the GAM system is in a rebuilding year.  My take-away; UND showed what they had. the Aggie’s might want to think about coming out of the chute  a little more prepared.   They shouldn’t have given up 21 early.  Good MWC teams won’t give it back 

The Aggies gave them a moral victory, something UND has been quick to claim in the past. Reading comments on Sioux sports.com you might think they won.   That’s a good sign things are returning to normal in the new version of the virtual United States  now owned and operated by the Chinese.  But what do we care as long as crt is taught in schools, you wear your mask and orange man bad, right?

I stuck with the calls but there seems to be little continuity between the teams before the Chinese take over of the United States and now.  This was my stated concern.  

Fortunately we placed no bets. 

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4 hours ago, Ibanez said:

You dumbasses know a lot of these FCS teams played in the spring and got a ton of practices in as well. They are in prime form. Why do you think FBS teams all over the country are struggling against them? Washington? Iowa State?

Utah State outscored them 41-3 after North Dakota went up 21-7. That's dominate.

Yeah, this was actually a good win for USU.  An OOC game like this will pay dividends in conference play I bet.

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