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New Mexico State at New Mexico

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1 hour ago, UNLV2001 said:

just checked the guide and Stadium isn't HD on Cox in LV area - didn't know that ?!?! 

So that's why it's out of focus & blurry 

If you have a Roku, check the Roku channel.  

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15 minutes ago, Wyobraska said:

If you have a Roku, check the Roku channel.  

Better - The channel on local Cox Cable is almost unwatchable :huh: 

Thanks for the heads up - I've almost forgotten about my Roku because it seems that it isn't compatible with some channels anymore like MLB TV games 

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55 minutes ago, Ibanez said:

ESPN+ could learn a lot from Stadium. The commentary, camera work, knowledge.....top notch 

The thing about ESPN+ is that they are not ESPN productions.  They are produced by the schools or local TV.  Same as the MW TV use school and local TV/Radio that uses Stadium as the platform.

But I agree the Stadium produced games are top notch now.  They invested more in production and commentators. They will get better and more visible as the years go by.

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6 minutes ago, Wyobraska said:

Nice win Lobos.  Rivalry games are always tough.  

Seeing that stat line from a New Mexico QB is crazy after the Davie years.

Not just the Davie years, but going all the way back to Rocky. We've never really had QBs that put up big numbers. The last time we had a QB throw for 3,000 yards in a season was 2007. Terry Wilson should easily eclipse that as he is probably the best QB we've had in 20 years.

I don't know how we'll do in the MWC yet, but if we can clean up our red zone offense, conversion rates on 3rd and 4th, and penalties, we should be a tough out for anyone.

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On 9/11/2021 at 5:42 PM, LoboMan59 said:

Good crowd…




I thought I saw Jimmy McGill in the crowd.  

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