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Did I hear a WOOSH?

Conference Realignment thread

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1 hour ago, trvitmvnz said:

we should take a look at St John Bosco, Mater Dei, Bishop Gorman and St Louis. Round up our 16 

Maybe we can make it 18 with Corona Centennial and Long Beach Poly, get to get a few public schools in there.  

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2 hours ago, RebelRobert said:

BYU tried to destroy the MWC but UNLV stopped them!

BYU is incompetent and the MWC saviors UNLV who are original members from 22 years ago saved the Conference by exposing their corruption.

BYU would have killed if they could.  Superman saved the day.

In the Texas/OU move to kill the Big-12, OU should have been like UNLV and exposed what Texas was trying to do.  But OU is a follower and will do whatever Texas tells them.

He is actually right.

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53 minutes ago, 818SUDSFan said:

Neither Utah nor Colorado was a "must have" addition to the Pac. Nor, for that matter, were either of the Arizona schools.

The "must have" aspect of the Utah and Colorado additions was that they had to have 12 schools to have a conference championship game.  The conference title game was supposed to produce so much additional revenue that each original Pac10 school got an increase in revenue while still covering the payouts to Colorado and Utah. 

Then the Big12 came along and got a waiver and/or got the the rules for a championship game changed so that they could have the title game while staying at 10 teams.

Had the Pac10 lobbied for and gotten a waiver/rule change on the title game, they probably wouldn't have invited Utah, and maybe not Colorado, either.

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18 hours ago, sactowndog said:

OSU and MI aren’t going to the SEC.  

Also in my model, those top AAU schools could set up a research consortium similar to the CIC with a large number of Tier 1 AAU institutions... 

Stanford, Cal, USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa State, Texas, are all currently AAU schools.   If a research consortium were made part of it (research brings in billions), I suspect they could probably steal Missouri who is also a research member instead of West Virginia.   At that point, only Oklahoma, TCU and Tech aren’t AAU schools.  It would not be hard to promise to work with Oklahoma to get a spot in the AAU.  That spot is worth far more than membership in the SEC money wise. 

Yes, because UT and OK isn't going to the PAC. The SEC isn't losing any schools to the BIG, much less the PAC.

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20 hours ago, Someone Else said:

I don't think there will be enough interest to pay the cost of it.  Sure some people will still want to watch games. 

My pessimism arises from the fact that athletic departments lose money.  Without money sports won't happen.

SDSU gets a pretty decent subsidy from the state. A few years ago there were only about 22 athletic departments that made money. Don't know how much, if at all, that has changed.

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6 hours ago, mugtang said:

The Earth won’t be habitable in 700 million years because of the increasing luminosity of the sun. 

Correction…. uninhabitable in 11 years.  Sun, meet climate change.  Pussy.

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14 hours ago, Billings said:

Oh these all “could”



notre dame



ohio state







penn State


nah I stick to 10-15




Alabama CFP
2019 LSU CFP
2018 Clemson CFP
2017 Alabama CFP
2016 Clemson CFP
2015 Alabama CFP
2014 Ohio State CFP
2013 Florida State BCS
2012 Alabama BCS
2011 Alabama BCS
2010 Auburn BCS
2009 Alabama BCS
2008 Florida BCS
2007 LSU BCS
2006 Florida BCS
2005 Texas BCS
2004 Southern California* BCS


SEC: 11

ACC: 3

BIG: 1

Big 12 (NOW SEC): 1

PAC: 1


IF I go back a bit farther:

2003 LSU, Southern California BCS, AP, FWAA
2002 Ohio State BCS
2001 Miami (Fla.) BCS
2000 Oklahoma BCS
1999 Florida State BCS
1998 Tennessee


SEC: +1.5

ACC: +2

BIG: +1

Big 12: +1

PAC: +.5


The trends don't support your position.

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6 hours ago, ViAggie said:

Texas Tech adds what to the PAC-12?  The Lubbock market? LOLZ.  TT is screwed, OSU and Houston have a better shot at landing in the PAC-12 (but there is zero chance that UCLA and Berkeley would agree to that. 


I could be wrong? 

I don't see the PAC adding anyone. No one brings enough from the B12.

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2 hours ago, roughrider said:

Oh irony. CSU....the definition of athletic irrelevance.

not then though.  Al Yates called the meeting that began the WAC breakup



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4 minutes ago, Bruininthebay said:

This article deserves its own thread 

Not sure why the youngsters want to blame BYU for everything.  They screwed up a lot but they were not the instigators of the breakup of the old 16 team WAC.  Now they did try to screw up the MWC but that is a different story for another time.

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5 hours ago, 818SUDSFan said:

The main reason the Chargers left SD is that for 15 years or so they were unable to come to an agreement with the City of SD or even the County of SD on building a new stadium. How was SDSU able to get that done? Political pressure, pure and simple. SDSU grads have never managed to become prominent in Sacramento but for many years there have been a plethora of them at the local level. (San Diegans are quite jingoistic.)

As I understand it, Aztec Stadium is being constructed in a way that would make adding an additional 10K seats quite easy. Granted, a 45K seat stadium would be too small for the NFL but there are a number of 65K seat stadiums in the league so in the unlikely event SDSU football would go away, the stadium could easily be sold to an NFL franchise. While it was being built out that team could temporarily play at Petco Park, which is owned by the Padres.

Keep this in mind. For decades, the city of SD had control over the local NFL franchise and the local MLB franchise as well as SDSU's football team because it owned the facility they all played in. However, given the city's terrible maintenance of that facility, no way will the populace ever again put up with that scenario.

The Chargers demanded the city spend $100M to upgrade the Q. The city did and got stuck with a stupid ticket guarantee that bled public money. As soon as the renovation was completed, Alex Spanos went on MNF and demanded a new stadium. The Chargers worked on a plan to be gifted the land (perhaps a 99 year lease), build a new stadium adjacent to the Q, then tear the stadium down and redevelop the entire site to fund it. They could not get a financial partner and the Chargers pulled the deal off the table. The Chargers had terrible ownership over the years, Gene Klein sold to Alex and both were bad. Dean is even worse. Hell, he is a laughing stock, the Donald Sterling of the NFL. Did you see what he did to Kronke? He didn't work hard to sell PSLs because the money would go to offset building costs. He is, basically, a squatter for the next 19 years in LA, a city that won't support them, and then will move someone else. Quite unlikely that would be San Diego. The city and the NFL came up with a good deal to keep them in MV with a $900M stadium, plenty good for their needs. Spanos would only have had to put up some $200M. Dean knowingly demanded the impossible, a $1.3B stadium downtown that would block the expansion of the convention center. Voters told him, rightly so, to go pound sand.

Aztec stadium can be expanded but there will likely never be a reason for that. College football attendance has been decreasing, not increasing. UCLA puts some 43K people in a stadium that holds double that. The new stadium can be temporarily expanded to 40K or so for a bowl game. Neither Stanford or Cal are selling out. Small stadiums drive up demand for season tickets. Big stadiums mean you can just walk up on game day and buy a seat. That is why the Padres built Petco and that is why SDSU had issues with the Q even when they were paying $100k per year for it.

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5 hours ago, Del Scorcho said:

I'm listening to this press conference on YouTube and that's not what he said.

He said "the only P5 conference with teams in the Pacific and Mtn time zones"

It doesn't matter. If he stays put, their conference gis way back in the rear view mirror. They are already the worst of the remaining power conferences. Not sure the schools are going to like that.

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4 hours ago, UNLV2001 said:

Yep - Raiders stadium in LV holds right around 65,000 for football 

And that is not good for your program.

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Just now, NorCalCoug said:

Looks just like that on gameday too.  Who’s UNLV playing in this picture?

Must suck for you since BYU dropped all sports during the Great Recession.  Haven't seen you in years.

Lonely BYU fans with nobody to talk to and no sports to watch because BYU gave up.

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4 minutes ago, RebelRobert said:

Its pretty damn good.


Again, why buy season tickets when you can walk up on game day and buy one? Go to whatever game looks good to you and if the team is tanking stay home. In 2019 you averaged 20,756 for your 4 conference games (even less if I add in the two non-conference games). Yes, the picture looks nice but it will look terrible with 20K people in the seats. Bad for optics, bad for recruiting. At SDSU we know, we were in a 68K stadium that we would put 30K in. The Padres could sell out big games at the Q, some 62K seats for baseball. And, yet, they built a 42K seat downtown for the very same reasoning, to sell season tickets.

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