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2021 Trollmont Stakes - Sports concepts

Trollmont Stakes?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Who goes on?

    • #3 seed Hawaii Travel Subs?
    • #6 seed Plan Cee?
  2. 2. which misplaced thing goes on?

    • #4 seed Joe from Wyo?
    • #5 seed Mugtang not having the grace to vanish from mwcboard forever?

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All right guys, here's the third regional. It's sports concepts and also joe from wyo because of math. #1 seed SJSU football and #2 seed "cycling" get byes. 

In the first round, we have #3 seed Hawaii Travel Subsidies vs #6 seed Plan Cee. This is a battle not of Warbow vs Yoda but of their favorite topics. It's a battle of troll ideas! Lovely! Vote! BSU and Fresno to the Big East!

We also have #4 seed @Joe from WY vs #5 seed @mugtang having the audacity to sometimes post on a board he used to own. NGL I ran out of creativity here. Nice vs debauchery? Votr!

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