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China lab leak +++++ Fox thread.

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1 minute ago, IanforHeisman said:

Scar wasn’t responsible for the hyenas creating the stampede either.

For fcks sake, now you’re going to make me watch the Lion King, wondering if my TV has the capability of split screen to watch the January 6th rally simultaneously.  

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19 minutes ago, IanforHeisman said:

What was his purpose on having them March to the senate doors and “fight like hell”?

"We're going to walk down to the Capitol and we're going to cheer on our brave senators and Congressmen and women," Trump told the crowd, speaking with the White House as a backdrop.

“We fight like hell and if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

The above are the facts, I’m not condoning the actions of a small percentage of morons that breached the capital building.  But as always there’s a small percentage that take it too far in an otherwise peaceful protest/rally. 

BLM included, a small percentage ruined a march for a great cause and demand for change.  

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5 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

That Trump won the election in '16 is a reflection of us, not him.

He is an idiot.


It’s actually the left, out of control PC culture, dissatisfied voters with the traditional political establishment, CNN, and Trump that got him elected. It was the perfect storm that people would be willing to give a guy like that a chance, but when the door was open, he made the best of it, and you’re stupid if you think he’s just lucky all the time defying the odds.

Of course he’s an idiot. You can’t cancel out his natural talent just because you don’t like him. So many of you lefty’s think you can change history and cancel out realities just because you don’t like them. You really look foolish. You can’t cancel out his great natural charisma to inspire voters to vote for him based on some key policies that many many voters have wanted done that prior presidents couldn’t get done. Jesus. 

Example: For decades, GOP candidates have said they’re in favor of moving our embassy to Jerusalem and they would do it. It never got done because it was politically too messy. Trump promised that if he got elected, he’d move our embassy to Jerusalem. He got elected, he cut through the bullshit and got it done. 

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12 hours ago, thelawlorfaithful said:

Where do we do our bio-weapons research? I know we’d like to think there’s a 15x15 foot barbed wire fence 50 miles outside of Tonapah with a manhole in the middle leading to a super secret BSL5 lab...but I kinda doubt it. And if so, why would China be any different.

You’ve never heard of Plumb Island? That’s where we used to do our offensive bio warfare work. Nixon cancelled it in 1969, but we could very easily be doing top secret work there today and probably are. To the public it’s still an animal disease research center, but it’s set up to do bio warfare if they wanted, and there’s a reason it’s on a small island. Some people have complained that a place doing that kind of research is too close to big populations of Long Island, New York City, etc. supposedly the work that we did in the 60’s is still there to revive.


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11 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:


We don't.  I mean in theory we do not.  If we were doing bio-weapons research in our BLS-2 or any labs, I am sure there would be a whistle blower, no?  It would be the international scandal of the century.

I mean we have a chemical and biological defense program but no research into developing one would take place in that program. 

You’ve never heard of Plumb Island? That’s where we had an offensive bio warfare program until 1969 when Nixon canceled. It may have kept going as Top Secret work, and I’m sure there has been some sort of work going on from time to time, and probably today. Today it’s public face is an animal disease research center. The number of people doing bio warfare work would be very small, and being Top Secret they would only employ scientists that were big believers in having such a program.

A whistleblower would be prosecuted to outing top secret work and go to prison. A whistleblower wouldn’t have any case to make anyway, unless the work being done took a dangerous turn going off the path of the original mission they agreed to as an employee. You either believe in a program or you don’t. Just because a worker changes their mind doesn’t give them the right to out it (assuming the work is safe, and staying on the original mission).

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9 hours ago, Spaztecs said:


Attempted coup.

But, like everything else he touches......

Shit, I’ve seen worse behavior on Black Friday at a Walmart.  

“Attempted coup” is still beyond ridiculous, I’m sure you and @retrofadeclink Zima’s and test a box of Kleenex while Rachel Maddow cries on cue. 

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On 6/3/2021 at 11:36 PM, CPslograd said:

All right, I'll dwell on this later.

Just got back from my camping trip with my two oldest, and I don't give a shit at the moment.

Hope you are doing well my friend, I admire your ability to still care.





Shit, yeah, man!


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I just watched the former FDA commissioner Gottleib on face the nation.  It was nice to hear actual analysis rather than partisan spin.

I think he made a good point that the national security aperatus should have been part of the policy team early on, because they have a different perspective than the medical community.

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