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Larry Flynt's FBI file

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To the FBI, he was a person of interest. His 322-page FBI file, obtained by VICE News through a Freedom of Information Act request, contains a wild litany of events involving the Hustler honcho—from John DeLorean's cocaine bust and an alleged plot to hire a mercenary to kill Hugh Hefner and Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, to an alleged effort by Flynt to blow himself up in the Supreme Court, as well as threats to Sandra Day O’Connor and President Ronald Reagan.


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lol. @MetropolitanCowboysent me that this morning. Dude was a legend.


At 10 o’clock that morning, Flynt arrived in the Supreme Court surrounded by bodyguards. U.S. Marshals were prepared for an outburst, as Flynt had a history of misbehaving in court, and Flynt delivered. As the justices wrapped up the hearing, Flynt shouted: “+++++ this court! You denied me counsel of my choice. I won’t be judged by nine assholes and one token ++++—goddamn mother+++++ers!” according to a transcript of audio recordings from the court that was part of the FBI file.

A man of my own spirit, to be sure.

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20 minutes ago, grandjean87 said:

The surprising thing is, apparently, nothing tying Flynt to @halfmanhalfbronco

That's in the redacted files that haven't been released. 

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