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Alston vs NCAA article which may be of interest. The case was supposed to be heard today.

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A very important ruling, but I'll bet that it will be ambiguous enough to enrich lawyers for decades to come.  I don't think there will be any real consensus that the ruling will allow or limit pay for play.  This case is pretty specific in whether additional academic benefits can be bestowed on student athletes.  No matter how they rule, it won't give any direct route to allow cash in recruiting for instance. 

I could certainly see the long term impact creating a pool, managed by the NCAA, to support future academic opportunities for athletes, while drawing a line on allowing wealthier institutions to offer greater benefits than less wealthy NCAA members.  I'm not a proponent of that, but I can see it as a possible (likely) outcome, even though that would probably finally be the death of the NCAA.

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43 minutes ago, soupslam1 said:

Damn paywall. 

Weird.  That usually blocks me but I went right to the article.  I didn't even notice that it was WaPo.

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