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UNLV Men's Basketball Off-Season Thread !!!

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2 hours ago, qwelish said:

Taking indirect fire from one of the the leaders of the peanut gallery.

Says don't engage then takes indirect shots. Can't follow his own advice. Bozo.

Wants to "be shed" of me. Sounds like cries for help from a coward. 

Not even a homeless cat. Just a pu$$y.

Perfectly fitting. 



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49 minutes ago, ph90702 said:


He could be in play for UNLV.  3.0 BPG in only 26.6 MPG.

Looks like a stud. 1 point and 5 rebounds in 36 minutes in a 59-44 loss to Air Force.

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4 hours ago, Cheek Patch said:

Is he referring to Kruger or the new assistant texting him?

The new guy.

And i'm not happy about Kruger not getting back to him, his kid has been on the national radar since 8th grade, went to Coronado before going up to Wasatch last year.  I'd love to see 'pop pop' be a rebel. Kind of reminds me of Nigel.

Richard and Dinos Trigonis were pretty much the top 2 AAU guys in the west, Trigonis still does a lot of tournaments, Issacs is sick, but still knows his stuff. I think he WANTS his kid to be a rebel, but only if it's a good place for him.

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