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Gonzaga and BYU opting out of WCC tourney?

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I agree on the concept if you earn the tourney credit you get a larger share of payout, same with bowl payouts.  Reward the programs that earn it.  IMO it should 1/3 to the team that earns and 2/3 for the conference pool to be shared evenly among all member institutions.  This way the team get closer to 40% of the money for their 1/3 share and conference distribution combined. 

Secondly, I get the idea of wanting to give the automatic qualifier to the regular season champ.  The problem is what if there are co-champs or even tri-champs.  Who gets the bid?  Theoretically, the bid could go to the team because of a coin-flip, which was used as a tie breaker.   Besides, conference tourneys are money makers for the MW.  The league just needs to be better in the OOC and we have not been for the better part of the last decade.

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