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A punter? Seriously?

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4 hours ago, bsu_alum9 said:

Sorry, but IMO a 34 yard punt return, 36 yard punt return, and 99 yard kickoff return for a touchdown is more valuable than a few 50+ yarders.

It's Nevada and SJSU's year.  The PR votes will reflect that.    There's zero debate who deserved it but it's a stupid MWC weekly award so I bet Avery is good with it. 

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1 hour ago, bsu_alum9 said:

Jordan Happle left BSU two days after it was announced our season was cancelled to go play his potentially last year at Oregon with Avalos.  Just got awarded PAC-12 DPOW, so I guess there's that.



I miss Andy Avalos big time.  The D has slowly gotten worse since he left.  If you can't get fired up to play for that guy, you're dead.   I'd love to see him as head man in Boise someday....

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16 hours ago, UofNPackFan said:

That's like saying a running back shouldn't have gotten a player of the week because much of his success was the LBs letting him run past themselves and got an extra 10 yards. 

If the LB stood there and did nothing, yes, that would be true.  Which is what Matthews did, easily caught but let them bounce.  If the punter boomed it so high that he had to fair catch at the five, that would be closer than what I think you were going for there.  

Williams should have won, though your punter certainly has a leg, and did a great job.

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On 11/23/2020 at 10:01 AM, OrediggerPoke said:

Diaz absolutely deserves recognition.  He is the reason Nevada beat Wyoming plain and simple.  Wyoming likely wins without that 76 yard punt.  

Sorry you don’t understand the advantage and importance that flipping the field position can have.  

What was going on with your return man letting him tack on 15 yards of rolling every kick? Lol

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