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Aztecs @ Wolf Pack Game Thread

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Congrats Pack Nation.

The Ass - Techs are Jay Norvells bitch.

I have my money on you to win the CCG.

Ass - Tech OC sucks. 

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Just now, Rosegreen said:

It’s like a real life madden online game +++++ up when you run right into the defender. Hilarious. 

Yeah, in a critical game situation (one play for the win), that was one of the worst plays I've seen in years.  Just comically bad.  And the 3rd Down throw was piss-poor, too...

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I would have run the counter qb keeper down in the Red Zone. It worked the first play of the drive.

Unless Johnson had no legs.

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Fun game to watch.  I picked Nevada in the pre-season to win the west (at the time there still was a west).  You're making me feel smart.

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Our D is great.

Our OMG Line is inconsistent yet talented (see coaching and this is every F'ing year)

Our OCord is a Moron. 4 passes to end the game with our RB'S? 

As is our NotSo Special Teams Coach.

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Tht kid reminds me of Michael Irvin with his size, strength, speed and hands.

I just hope she's not as big a douche.

How did you keep him away from the PAC 12 ?

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