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Don Jr. Has COVID

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7 hours ago, Billings said:

Measles has a lower death count than covid.  We did the vaccine to deal with all medical conditions resulting from measles that don't show up in the death count.   Same with covid.  I know two teachers with covid glass lung now and no clue if they will ever get better.  Both in  their 30's.  And all you focus on is the death rate.  pathetic


Agreed. The people with long term health issues as a result of Covid shouldn’t be disregarded because they didn’t die.

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13 hours ago, Blue voodoo said:

We have a 99 percent survival Rate with a 95 percent Vaccine so they say,why would u need a vaccine?


This is my favorite post ever

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20 minutes ago, sebasour said:


This is my favorite post ever

I don't even try with ppl like that. A few weeks ago when we were pushing the influenza vaccine, one lady yelled as she made a horrific face, "Flu shots are from Satan!" Then she put up her index fingers in the cross formation as she drove away in her electric cart...

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