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UNLV at San Jose State

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11 minutes ago, SJSUMFA2013 said:

I know I’m getting old because every time I see a 7:30 kickoff now my first thought is, “better record it in case I fall asleep.”

Imagine being on the east coast...

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On 11/12/2020 at 1:13 AM, kalua pig said:

hawai’i beat fresno yet we are below them in the standing.the disrespect we get from the mwc is discrimination.

Schools are listed alphabetically by record.  That is why Hawaii is listed below FSU.  That is the same for all schools as provided earlier in the thread.


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Nobody is going to celebrate that Dodgers win as legitimate. 

49 minutes ago, robe said:

If the Biden economy stymies I think Trump will have a great chance to win in 2024. 

The best thing that can happen to Biden is 2 Republican senators from Georgia. Republicans  should protect Biden from doing anything drastic which should help the economy and a Democrat victory in 2024. 


3 minutes ago, ziggy29 said:

Well, as a Spartan fan who hates the Dodgers, I at least have that.  


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Get your program. Get your free game program here. :banana:


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