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CSU at Fresno State Game Thread

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2 minutes ago, East Coast Aztec said:

Is Hawaii real good, or does CSU just suck, because I am seeing a good Fresno team right now

Who the +++++ knows at this point? :lol:

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1 minute ago, bsu_alum9 said:

Steve “Neck Diaper” Addazio not making a good first impression.

It’s hard to tell with practices being limited and trying to install new schemes. This shortened season is going to be weird all around. 

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6 minutes ago, HRam said:

we suck

Too much blitzing IMO.  It was allowing Haener to punish CSU with rhythm passes that within 5 yards of the LOS. And CSU has given up a number of 3rd and longs by dropping the coverage way back and missing 1-2 tackles. 

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2 minutes ago, godogsgo said:

Fair. But fresno had the least time in the conf, maybe cfb, if im not mistaken

I just know CSU had not had a scrimmage heading into last week and were going to use the UNM cancelation to get the first one in.

Fresno was the last team in the nation to have players on campus but had a good month afterwards to scrimmage and practice.  CSU had their players on campus earlier than Fresno but got a lot less in.

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