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Final debate game thread

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7 minutes ago, UNLV2001 said:

Trump thinks everyone is loaded up with investment accounts - less that 50-% have any stocks 

When he mentioned "401k", I'm like "You do realize there are a shit ton of Americans who don't even have 401ks right?"

That said, I think he's doing a lot better this time.

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Just now, halfmanhalfbronco said:

My plight is mine.  The ACA needs to be left alone at this point but let's not pretend it did not hurt people.  There is no way to repeal it now, without hurting people even more.

It needs to be reformed.  The US consumer can’t afford to pay the worlds health care costs.

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4 minutes ago, NVGiant said:

Hey, I agree with Trump. States are best vehicle to decide a minimum wage

I do as well.  Most people do.  There's formulas that they can use to set minimum wage based on cost of living in that town.

That said, the Democrats need to explain that their plan is not "everyone gets $15 right away at the same time",  it would be a gradual plan based on different things.

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