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Final debate game thread

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So disappointing I already voted and watched this debate to see a shit show.   Trump sounded rational, Biden sounded coherent and the moderator did a good job.   

At least America didn’t come across as a complete disaster.   

Good job Kristen.

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8 minutes ago, LoboMan59 said:

Republicans are missing the key issue of healthcare for millions of Americans... regardless if the ACA exists or not... where is your plan? 
We know what the ACA is... we can see it, we can read it; why dont we have a trump health care plan that we can right now, do a side by side comparison?

if they had a an actual plan to compare to, the american people can say, yes, the trump plan is better... but they have no plan! He just wants to erase EVERYTHING that Obama has done, plain and simple.

This is why they will always lose on that issue. They’ve never gotten serious about developing a real policy.

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1 minute ago, retrofade said:

I think the most hilarious line of the night was Trump saying that he thinks the GOP is going to take the House.



That's a nod to the delusional Cult 45 clown base 

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5 minutes ago, WAC_FAN said:

It's the thing they can't turn anyone away that's driving up costs, which also has bipartisan support now.

They? ERs never could turn anyone away even before the ACA. As far as individual costs increases, everyone is community rated,  not individually rated since there are no preexisting condition exclusions. So if you live in an area with terribly unhealthy people, you get to pay higher premiums. That's only a small reason of the increased costs for individual puchasers.

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1 minute ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:

It means EVERYTHING in the US reducing their carbon footprint.


If Trump would have said that it would have been yuge.

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