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Vegas gets a regional!

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Reno gets a NCAA Regional in golf and the women's bowling championship, both in 2025.


Reno will host a NCAA Division I men's golf championship regional in 2025 at Montrêux Golf & Country Club, with Nevada serving as the host member in partnership with the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. Montrêux was home to a PGA Tour stop from 1999-2019 before the board voted not to hold the event in 2020.

Reno also will host the 2025 National Collegiate Women's Bowling ChampionshipFinals at the National Bowling Stadium, with Nevada serving as the host member in partnership with the United States Bowling Congress.

Las Vegas also was selected to host several events, including a 2023 NCAA Tournament regional and the 2026 Frozen Four, both to be played at T-Mobile Arena. In all, 11 NCAA championship events were awarded to Las Vegas, including in golf, soccer and bowling as well as basketball and hockey. The new publicly funded Allegiant Stadium was not selected to host any of them.

In May 2019, the NCAA rescinded its ban on title events being held in states that had legalized sports betting, which opened the door for Reno and Las Vegas to bid on hosting NCAA championship events.

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1 hour ago, 4UNLV said:

In 2023, and also a frozen four. Yay!

To clarify, ncaa basketball regional in 2023 and Frozen Four in 2026.  And the Frozen Four will be hosted by the University of North Dakota (huh?).  Would've thought ASU would have made a more regional host.  Perhaps given the state of PAC-12 sports there is some doubt that ASU will still ice a team in 2026.  The Fighting Sioux Hawks (friggin PC crap) will be invading Las Vegas.  Y'all stock up on cheap macro brew light beer!

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Frozen Four in Vegas is such a good idea. Great location and not much going on in April. 

Denver/MWC will continue to be in the basketball rotation hosting in 2023 and 2025. (Also hosting in 2021... but who knows about that.)

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