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Trump responds to Supreme Court vacancy

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4 minutes ago, BYUcougfan said:

I wonder if the Nancy and Mitch will have a meeting where they each hand over their respective scripts from 2016?

Probably. Mitch could have said something different with Obama. He could have told the truth but that wouldn’t have went over well. Instead we have this crazy acting between the party’s. Some ways it’s almost comical. 

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Even if Trump wins, GOP could still lose the senate. Would be almost impossible to get any judges approved, and then what?   Mitch and the GOP are on to the Dems now and they know they won't do like has been done in the past, which was grudgingly approve judges.  So really the decision is an easy one. 

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Changing rules and definitions is all that corrupt politicians know. They win by altering rules. They like to win by default. By technicality and systems. If they don't get what they want they just alter the system. The veneer of good faith without any of that pesky good faith. These people are evil. 

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