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Aren't You Just Tired of this Whole Thing?

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8 minutes ago, Rebelbacker said:

It depends.

When I get tired of social media or this board I don't go on those sites. I choose when I use twitter or come here. We can choose when to use social media and how it effects us. Does it really bother you if people here disagree with you? Does your life change if people here agree with you? 

In real life I don't see it as much. I have plenty of friends and family that are 100% opposite of my views. I've lost a few friends and family members in the last few years because of our differences. That doesn't bother me because I've had far more discussions with people that disagree with me on politics that were beneficial and made relationships go deeper. And really if you care about someone their political beliefs shouldn't trump everything else.

I think social media, our politicians and the media in general are the biggest part of the problem. Division is how they make money, generate clicks and get support. I will admit I've had a weakness in the past on this site with my language and the way I've talked to people. I've tried to rein that in a little bit. This site is supposed to be fun and most of the time when I throw shots I'm joking. There's only 2 posters here that I really don't like personally. Anyone else I'd buy a beer, even if I've had big disagreements here on the site. 

I just don't think we are that far apart as a country as people say. We all want clean air, water, etc. We all want to raise our families in safe cities. We all want the economy to do well. Our differences are the manner in which we make that happen. I think if we got non-politicians with different views in a room we could fix most of our issues much better than the people in our political class can. 

We've gone through much tougher times in our past than now. People forget history or don't know it. This will pass. 


I agree with all of your assessments on what is happening. 

I also believe you have a better handle on things than most with regards to all the nonsense. 



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I keep about 80% of my political talk confined to this board. A common trait I've seen in many liberals is how fragile they are to having their beliefs questioned and how hostile they get. Conservatives can get shit from their liberal friends/co-workers and brush it off. But  manyliberals just can't separate their strong emotions with politics. I think all of us have encountered atleast one hysterical facebook 'friend' make some self-righteous "I just cannot associate anyone that will vote for that pig Trump, if you are Trump MAGGAT please UNFRIEND me" type post in the past. Like okay lady, I only accepted your sad friend request because you're friends with my mom and I didn't want to be rude. 

I miss the good ol' days when we just kept our politics to our f*cking selves.


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9 hours ago, toonkee said:

The unending drama. The culture war. Every day. Everybody getting riled up over everything. Don't you all just want to chill out and get off the crazy train and stop fighting with people you have nothing to do with in real life?

At some point do you think enough voters will just get bored of this whole reality show existence?


You must have a Twitter account.

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17 hours ago, AndroidAggie said:

i feel thin.  sort of stretched...  like butter scraped over too much bread.  i need a holiday.  a very long holiday.  and i don't expect i shall return.  in fact, i mean not to.

Well timed mr. baggins.

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I think the Cvirus has taken a subconscious toll on most of us. You can’t do a lot of enjoyable things you would normally be able to do. 

There is a way to simplify your life. Wean yourself off social media and don’t watch the news. Avoid political discussions. Go to work, do your job, come home and do things you enjoy.

Believe it or not there are a lot of people that don’t care about politics and are only into things they enjoy. I know in my younger days I was exactly like that. I didn’t care who was President.

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Some of ya’ll take politics way too seriously IMO.  I enjoy the banter, etc. but there’s a reason half my posts are memes, gifs, TIC rebuttals, etc.  It keeps it light for me and sometimes has the added bonus of pissing off some of the more tightly wound posters.  But my hope is that most get a chuckle or eye roll at a minimum.  I’ll engage in serious discussion if I feel strongly about a topic.  But seriously, some of ya’ll take this stuff way too seriously and might actually believe discourse here will result in substantive changes in the political stances people have.  It might happen a bit but generally it’s wishful thinking.  Maybe the problem is expectations?

Ask yourself this serious question and give an honest answer...  has your day to day life significantly changed much based on which team occupies the WH? Outside of worse healthcare coverage at a significantly higher premium vs 10 years ago (Thanks Obama!) my answer is pretty much “No”.  It’s why the sun will still rise in the East and the Utah Utes will still suck no matter what happens in November.

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