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Looks like @Warbow is AWOL.  I think the link below will work to rejoin.  I was able to get in with no password, but I would guess new joins will need a password, which should be      coastie

Let me know if the link doesn't work.  I haven't done this one before.



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Returned to the group...I'm in..and a bit surprised College Pik Em is finally back.  Yahoo nonetheless.  The first slate is for Saturday the 26th with some good stuff already thrown down.   ESPN Pik Em is always a hoot with some tough and fancy navigation at times. 




Join Up!


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I just threw down.  Wow...one of those innocent looking easy weeks, which can be dangerous.  Ugh and oy.   Flip a coin re Iowa State @ TCU.  There's gonna be a surprise turd floater in here somewheres today.    :fish:      

It's either Tennessee or Virginia Tech if I had to guess...which means both of those will win by landslides.   :pullhair:

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Can't believe OK blew a 21 point 3rd quarter lead and lost to KSU in Norman.  Cost me 9 points.

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Looking forward to Gus Johnson calling the game this weekend. Let's Go Mountaineers! 


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ALL of the College playoff games are on ESPN. That Stinks.

Jan. 11

National Championship

8 p.m. (ESPN) Semifinal winners

Jan. 1

Rose Bowl
Arlington, Texas

5 p.m. (ESPN)

(1) Alabama vs. (4) Notre Dame

Jan. 1

Sugar Bowl
New Orleans

8:45 p.m. (ESPN)

        (2) Clemson vs. (3) Ohio State

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