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OT: Navy / byu Game Day

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This is the season when the MWC does not play

This may be the season when the AAC plays very badly.

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All I know is I have seen a couple of HS teams play on ESPN that looked better than Navy. They looked like it was the first time they had gathered together as a team and BYU looked and played like this game was for the national title. Of course they always go into their season openers and rivalry games like nothing else matters....mainly because nothing else does in their case.

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11 hours ago, NorCalCoug said:

My absolute favorite post from the AAC board.


That aged well.  I do agree though, the gap in skill was massive.  Some real insightful folks over there 😂.

Most of those guys are morons. They are worse than Wyoming fans.

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11 hours ago, madmartigan said:

Very level headed. It's always dangerous to make too much out of the first game of the year when you don't know who either team is. BYU looks to have a formidable OL at the very least. 

It reminds me of when we killed UCLA. 

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3 hours ago, utenation said:

Since when have BYU fans tapered their delusional expectations? As recently as the Tasom Hill era, we heard plenty of talk about Heisman Trophies and national championships in August...BYU’s best all time month ever.. 

In recent years, reality set in early with schedules front loaded with P5 teams and many losses.  Those lessons are short lived is my guess.. We’ll soon be hearing more yapping about respect after more wins over Montana State Tech and the rest of 2020’s murderous stiffs.

This might go down as a comparable season to 1984 in Provo.. For the last 36 years, BYU fans have milked every drop out of that embarrassing year...

LMAO. This is great. This is the power of BYU. This is the passion that makes me love BYU. 

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