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Pick 10: Team Silver

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Apologies, peeps. Not gonna dox myself but the place I work at is trying to operate over max capacity, and it’s not going well (I’m in a major retailer’s supply chain). Anyway, picks during the week may not be a thing from me, if our workload continues.

I believe Wake Forest is still available. Shocked if they are. Gotta figure out the 2nd.

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Apparently lady Hogs are okay with not wearing pants :D



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Teams available




Boston College           Duke            Georgia Tech   

BIG 12

Kansas     W. Virginia

BIG 10

Illinois         Maryland          Purdue           Rutgers      


Charlotte    Old Dominion          Rice           UTEP         UTSA


UMASS          NMST          UConn         


Akron          Bowling Green          Eastern Michigan       NIU  



Pac 12      

Arizona          Colorado         UCLA       


South Carolina          Vanderbilt


Georgia St.          South Alabama          Texas St.    



Off the board:

1. Clemson 2. Ohio State 3. Alabama 4. Oklahoma 5. UCF  6. Oregon 7. Boise State  8. Florida  9. LSU 10. Notre Dame 11. Miami  12. Penn State  13. Appalachian State  14, SDSU  15. Cincy  16. Georgia   17.  Memphis     18. Wisconsin    19. UAB   20 Washington  21.  Louisiana  22. Texas A&M    23. Michigan   24. Oklahoma State  25. Texas    26. AFA    27. FAU  28. Minnesota  29. Louisiana Tech   30. Michigan St.  31. UNC  32. Auburn   33.  Ohio    34.  USC  35. Fresno  36. Hawaii 37. Baylor. 38. Utah  39. Nevada. 40. Virginia  41. Arizona St.  42. Tennessee  43. Virginia Tech  44.  TCU  45. Iowa State  46. Florida St.  47. BYU  48. Buffalo  49. Iowa  50. Toledo  51. So. Mississippi   52. Miami (Ohio)  53. Navy  54. Louisville 55. Wyoming  56. Arkansas State  57. Troy  58. NC State  59. Houston  60.  Cal 61. Army  62. Central Michigan  63 Kentucky  64. Stanford  65. Ole Miss   66. Washington State 67. WKU  68. Georgia Southern  69. SMU  70. Western Michigan 71. East Carolina   72. Pitt  73. Nebraska  74. Liberty  75. Marshall  76. USU  77. Kansas State  78. Miss St. 79. Indiana   80. UNLV  81. Colorado St.  82. Northwestern  83.  Coastal Carolina  84.  FIU 85. Missouri  86. North Texas 87. Tulane 88. MTSU 89.SJSU 90. Wake Forest 91. Kent State 92. Texas Tech  93. Arkansas  94. Syracuse 95. Temple 96. Georgia State  97. USF  98. Oregon State  99. UL Monroe  100. Ball State   


Draft order:

1. @halfmanhalfbronco

2. @Boise fan

3. @WYO1016

4. @godogsgo

5. @jdgaucho

6. @Rebel doc

7. @B_Lootz

8. @bsu_alum9

9. @Slapdad

10. @MetropolitanCowboy

11. @Jeffkills

12. @East Coast Aztec

13. @bornsilverandblue

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With the 100th pick of the closest thing we'll get to football this year, WYO1016 selects:

Ball Statednzhuio95cfpq8hmikt5.jpg

@godogsgo is up

@jdgaucho  on deck

Pretty sure there are a dozen or so unclaimed picks out there that can go at any time, too

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You guys, we should all spam the shit out of @MetropolitanCowboy, to remind him of the promises he made....

There's other guys waiting...

In fact:

Hey guys:





Who ever answers first, gets to take sanctuary in the warm embrace of the final two rounds...

First come, first serve...

If somebody tags in, then Metro's out.....  The lucky winner will also get a chance to pick all the missed selections, so it's worth a damn.  @Slapdad will provide direction on how that should occur, should it become needed.

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