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Pick 10: Team Black

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14 hours ago, mondego said:

This game works a lot better if you'll tag the next person (or two) whose turn it is to pick. 

@Wapitipoke34 you're on the clock

@cgzpack on deck

Updated picked teams list. Picked teams are in red


you are hired.keep up the good work.

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4 hours ago, Boise fan said:

are you waiting until 24 hours is up?  a little over half way there.

@renoskier is on deck

@Del Scorcho is in the wings

It's now been way over 24 hours so broncomare has waived her pick for this round.


you're up brother.

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31 minutes ago, Boise fan said:

Actually it's the other direction

@Mad_Hatter is on the clock

@SJSUMFA2013 is on deck

@kalua pig feels shame for being replaced to run his team, and he will select UConn to make penance.


@Broncomare can make her pick anytime.

My bad lol

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FYI I’m picking for @Broncomare.   She messaged me the other day (I missed it until now) and has some personal things going on. 

So she picks Navy. 

@Mad_Hatter is still up.  

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Attention @kalua pig you've got four hours to make your TWO picks. (Two because TheSanDiegan isn't going to make any further picks.)

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Mr. Pig has had 24 hours and failed to make a pick (two accually) so feel free to make your next one.

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