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San Jose State wide receiver Tre Walker is an electric playmaker (2021 NFL Draft Profile Analysis)

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15 hours ago, Nevada Convert said:

That’s definitely an electric playmaker. But the big question is, Are Friends Electric, as well? 



What friends? His friends? His friend Nick Starkel will be if he (Nick) isn't ass my dude.

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On 5/21/2020 at 7:41 PM, Anon5251042 said:

When the time comes, I hope Tre Walker has a successful career in the NFL like former Spartan WR James Jones did. 

JonesTD SJSU nVunO5AfA8pb6CZ3NHJQ2qwZetkbTm6lLqgyCwbxyo4_nSnHICrbcMQj_KkiHfyDU-pHuqNvRtoaIRz_U6BGmMMuYIYaGxRpIg2rv2eZ57Ufl2RiBqiQyfQwe0dg1fytlQS4Ke7zLtM_X7nE3HrnC32ckDextHpSVhX-A_afAq9bYZz3M-BRp98MJ95SrhK_uR0R-QB7drYWaKFbF1LXSwVMKkxTEAhpsOJeB0Dihb2cRyULmA89nYXsOFrDvzcQJprDwoCnlmjuDPxVDPhbc7TLegZT0xG3H4gXN36gk_pMFljcku5mDZFOek3RyLEd1bpSbQafxMLkc8WJJicI-bup8JJrUce0pPpxQCcs1NupEgEHrCMiJM24FbhFzMaIBIAkJkf33COT1WibJBkq8Ih6V63HWlHoAMJ7Uj-RwVAF_jTYr-ge_eF6pGPknivbkS0ucinL0UMEHkIYws1waJ6OXmeefkVe_HmbUn2TeZtR-CPRWnk4beAvxR4Wfa1GXMbqfxnf-lQSx6oRSwxob15fHWooyK3Px4g-6zsEaOy--YzicoXaxZ3fo-MFIeCcbrJEACKCR_ZWr8f5NbCwPPnn0Jikk0vylvWMortJDO0mjQF0eGXUr9UsgZP39a-Urfzze6BCn8Be4NgRyI8XhVHw6ErtQG_-k4n4qEn36Sezi4pIf2j2XyqpkF0IRw=w350-h317-no?authuser=0


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