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The Trans-Universal Extreme Mega-Pandemic Star-Studded Sci-Fi Extravaganza Space Opera featuring The Tiger King - Game Over Joe Exotic and his Meth-Minions Win

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A dark-matter anomaly on the other side of the moon was hit by an electromagnetic pulse intended to shut it down. The result, however, was an epic implosion that sucked together more than a few universes. A select number of individuals from a variety of multi-verses were brought together for one unexplainable and entirely remarkable experience. This is their story.

You all awaken and find yourselves surrounded by strangers. You notice that everyone is wearing the same suit and from what you can tell (you can’t really remember what “normal” is supposed to be) it seems like a motley bunch with a bunch of forgettable faces. The fact is that you are all still yourselves, but an Artificial Intelligence is creating the images each of you see of each other in your mind. After the initial shock of the event, you start talking to your counterparts and soon learn that you are inside what is apparently a spaceship and you all decide to try and access the mainframe and find out just what the heck is going on. One of you finds a workstation and starts typing, then through what is apparently the ship’s speakers, you all hear

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

The voice, you’re told, comes from an artificial intelligence called a Heuristically Programmed ALgorithmic Computer, version 9000, or HAL for short. HAL explains that you’ve all been brought together to decide the fates of your various multi-verses. Based on your own personalities and unique abilities, you’ve all been pre-sorted into three different factions and the losing factions’ worlds will be destroyed. There is a humanoid version of HAL among you and he is leading the evil faction, while a neutral faction is headed up by Joe Exotic, from Earth’s Tiger King reality. You don’t know who is who, so you must talk amongst yourselves each day and try to decide who is not in your faction and get those players killed at all costs, the AI explains, after which you all hear 

“This is my own little town. I’m the mayor, the prosecutor, the cop, and the executioner,” followed by a different voice saying 

“If someone wanted to kill you, they’d just put sardine oil all over you.”

You all look around but nobody catches who the speakers were.


Day 1 has started. Lynch tomorrow.

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1 hour ago, CV147 said:


What's really going on here?

detroit tigers may the 4th be with you GIF by MLB

Probably the most accurate representation of where this is heading.

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