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Hypothetical NCAAT seeds for remaining MWT teams

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From least to most likely to make NCAAT

Wyoming- Guessing they get a 15 seed. They would have at least one top 50 win (Utah State) and possibly two (SDSU in finals). I know they would be 10-23 vs D-1 teams but they would be 5-2 to end the season +1-2 top 50 wins. I think that is enough to avoid a 16 seed. Now granted I would be absolutely shocked if they win even one more game in the MWT but they are still alive so they have a chance. 

Boise- 11 seed. Wins would include SDSU and likely USU. 

USU- 10 seed. Still has a very small chance at an at large bid if they beat WY but lose to SDSU in the finals BUT they would literally be the last team in. So slim chance at a 12 seed in the PIG if they loses in the finals.

SDSU- 1 seed if they win MWT, 2 seed if they drop a game. Was slightly concerned a 2 loss SDSU equals a 3 seed BUT everyone behind them keeps losing so guessing they would still hold on to a 2 seed. And honestly for SDSU/MW it is probably better they drop a game and the MW gets two team in. A 2 seed in the West could easily be better than a 1 in the south. 

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If Wyoming wins the MWT, they need to politely decline an NCAA bid.  We can take the credits but they should not play a game in the NCAA tournament.  It would be an utter embarrassment to the entire conference.

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