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Corona Virus - How bad is it going to be?

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After two years and being in Japan both times my family got it, I finally succumbed to the stupid virus in San Diego. My daughter got it from school, and of course my wife decided to quarantine her with us. Not too bad, though. I have been pretty tired with a headache and some slight chills but overall I can handle it just fine. Time to finally catch up on elden ring.

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"One of the mysteries: As opposed to those most likely to get severe COVID, the vast majority of people affected by long COVID are younger (30 to 50 years old) and previously healthy. The typical symptoms include marked fatigue, exercise intolerance, difficulty breathing, brain fog, muscle pain and weakness, chest pain, headaches and fast heart rate. While the list of troubling symptoms is long, the number of proven therapies is very short — zero."

"For all ages, vaccination and booster rates in the U.S. are very low, even though it has been shown that vaccination helps minimize the chance of developing long COVID. Right now, our best chance to prevent long COVID is to not get COVID or to avoid getting it again. That’s why it’s vital to stay COVID-cautious now, and not capitulate to the notion that we should “live with COVID.”


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My mom and dad, 90 and 95, tested positive yesterday. Of course fully vaxxed/boosted, mom was asymptomatic and dad had mild cold symptoms. They're upset because they can't go to the dining room at their assisted living center, have to have room service for a week. 

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