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RIP Jackmormon

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6 hours ago, Rebelbacker said:

Very sorry to hear this. We had our disagreements and didn't like each other very much on this board but I would have loved to have had the chance to help him in his fight against cancer. RIP Jack. 

Yeah, if anyone else is going through cancer and the odds aren’t looking too good, let us know and we can start a research thread and we can find trials to get you in. 

A few years ago, my aunt had late stage pancreatic cancer and it had spread everywhere, and that’s like 97% fatal after something like 1 or 2 years, and I found a very promising trial at John’s Hopkins and I called the doctor and convinced him to take in my aunt. I told her the good news and she said she couldn’t handle a long trip from LA to Baltimore and not spending valuable time she had left with friends and family. She had given up on recovery. 

She was pretty religious and told us earlier that she wanted to die on Jesus’ birthday (Christmas) even though it was so far away. But she fought her own little war with her cancer determined that it wasn’t going to keep her from seeing Christmas one more time. And although she couldn’t move or speak, she could still hear us. On Christmas morning her son whispered into her ear that she made it and that it’s OK to go now and a minute later she died. 

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23 hours ago, halfmanhalfbronco said:


Jack was a great fan and good dude.  He will be missed.

I love all of you, thank you all for the time you take out of your days to MWCboard with us.

You're welcome, my strange basement dwelling friend.

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Damn shame to read this. I liked Jack and will miss him on the board.

For anyone here who is, or has someone close to them, battling terminal illness, please order a copy of this book. Love Medicine, and Miracles was written by Dr. Bernie Siegel, one of the leading oncologists at John Hopkins at the time he wrote this. Dr. Siegel chronicles his experiences treating patients undergoing the same treatments for the same (manifestations of the same) cancer, and his conclusions on what allowed one patient to beat it and survive while another succumbs.

It is an empowering book that will give both cancer patients and their loved ones the one thing they need more than anything else: hope.

RIP brother.

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10 minutes ago, Billings said:

ahhh.  always got a kick out of his posts.  happy trails

I was just going to say this same thing, he could definitely people going, lol. I will add RIP.

I hate seeing this, condolences to his family and friends.

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Sad to hear of JackMormon's passing. I enjoyed his posts and prayers to his family. God speed sir. 

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