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On 11/4/2019 at 10:15 PM, toonkee said:

Child porn in the pizza basement. Hillary killed Seth Rich.  Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. Climate change is a Chinese hoax. Trump is smart good guy.

What about Sandy Hook being fake and Obama employing "crisis actors" in an effort to take away guns.  Or the Qanon "deep state" conspiracy that was invented to premptively explain why, as we all knew would happen from the start, Donald Trump is a failure.  Or the conspiracy of Jews replacing white people.   Or that failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is this arch Dr. Evil criminal who murders all of these people (it is hard to give up the "Greatest Hits!").  These are all mainstream Republican orthodoxy that is spit by some con posters on this board (especially Hillary conpsiracy theories).  Even if cons don't personally expouse these views they certainly don't shun those who have them as crackpots...they really love playing footsie with conspiracy theorists and giving them a little wink.  With the electoral college all you need is a few thousand of these in the right places.  

When you believe Democrats have child porn rings and crisis actors I can certainly understand why a little bribery for foreign election interferance seems like child's play!  When Hillary is going around murdering people with impunity it is TOTALLY hypoctrical that the FAKE NEWS is covering something so much less scandalous like paying off a porn star to keep quiet right before an election!  


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1 hour ago, THEUniversityofNevada said:

Never thought Devin Nunes could be the best at anything, but you gotta give him credit. In that photo he definitely has the best haircut.

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5 hours ago, UNLV2001 said:


That's funnier than shit, Trump has "snowflake" wrapping paper. :lol::rotflmfao:


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