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Do you look up at the stars or down at the campfire?

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Just now, Rebelbacker said:

Great idea. I've never been up there. 

It's incredible out there for stargazing. 

also, I'm a "stare at the stars" kind of guy. Even in this light-polluted melee here, I always look to see what I can see up there. 

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I look into the fire more than upward.

Anyone have a premonition out in the wilderness?  When I was in college back in early 80's, I did a fair amount of backpacking.  One time, my friend bailed on a spring break trip to Las Padres NF so I went on a 50 mile trip with my dog.  Started at Figueroa Mountain Nira CG, Hurricane Deck, Sisquock river, Big Pine / Madulce Peak, Alamar Canyon, Caliente rriver.  Anyway, camping along Sisquock river, after dinner and gazing at the fire, the sky lit up from a rocket launch at Vandenberg AFB.  I thought to myseif, I wonder what is happening while I am isolated in the wilderness.  I contemplated the president could be killed and I wouldn't find out for a few days.  Fast forward a few days, President Reagan was shot during that trip.  

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It's rough on the neck to stare up at the stars, so I'm usually looking at the campfire.  But yeah, makes sense we look inward while staring at the fire, and consider the cosmos when staring at stars.  I'm usually trying to decide which star is which, and concentrating to spot a shooting star in a meteor shower.  

I was just up in the Wallowa Mountains for 5 days.  It was magic.

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