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Boise grabs another transfer

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1 hour ago, bsu_alum9 said:

Not sure if I should make a new topic, but we got another transfer today, too.


14.8 ppg for the Portland Pilots last year.

Holy crap! That's awesome. It was really surprising when he picked Portland over Boise. The timing is perfect as he'll sit out a year and then get to take over when Dickinson, Hobbs, and Jessup graduate. I was really worried that there would be a big drop off after this next year, but if Alston comes back for his SR year, they should be pretty decent. 

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1 hour ago, soupslam1 said:

Good news to get the above two guys in two years. Recruiting is picking up. 

Yeah, this is easily the best group Leon has brought in (on paper)... even if it's a little more of an nontraditional class. Losing hardly anyone really makes it easier to go after those guys that have to sit out a year. Muss has kinda changed the game on how you can recruit and be successful.  

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13 hours ago, IanforHeisman said:

Said he had offers from Arizona and Arkansas.. Not sure how legit but I don’t follow these things as close as you guys do. Didn’t know we had 2 Oregon transfers either.




"Shaver said he picked the Broncos over offers from Arizona, Arkansas, Washington State, Colorado State and others."


This is a crazy good transfer class. I was worried about all of the SRs on this years' team, but they might be better next year than this year... and I think they'll be on of the top teams this season. It's a pretty wide open MW this year. With Queta leaving (assuming he is gone), this is the first year in a long time where there isn't one or two teams that stand out at the top.

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