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OT: Bill Walton and Dave Pasch, crime fighters

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The mystery novel "Friend of the Devil" opens on a dark, rainy night in Puget Sound, Washington, where two men attempting to solve a kidnapping are being held at gunpoint near the side of a cliff.

The one narrating the story is ESPN's Dave Pasch. The other one, who's singing a Grateful Dead song, is his on-air partner, NBA great Bill Walton.

How did a fictional version of the Pac-12 college basketball announcers end up as lead characters of the first novel in a series called "The Bill Walton Mysteries"?

Written by Kirkland, edited and published by Kelly and available through Amazon, "Friend of the Devil" envisions Pasch as a put-upon sidekick to the eccentric Walton, whose basketball moves and towering height come in handy here during some epic fight scenes. 

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