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#4 SDSU VS #5 UNLV - MWC Tournament

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28 free throws for SDSU. TWICE as many as the Rebels have. Absolutely astounding and sickening.

UNLV sure has a "home court advantage" dont they?

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Well that sucks.


Mensah is a stud.

Diong got +++++ing bullied. Better go hit the weight room son.


Clyburn turned into helluva player. Sad to see him go.


Happy for offseason though.

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1 minute ago, Rosegreen said:

Fundamentals cost UNLV the game. 

I knew we'd have trouble vs. sdsu defense, but shooting 32% and 19% from 3 in the MWC tournament is a disgrace. 

Robotham was as bad as ive seen him all year, looked like an intrumural player wandered onto the court.

One thing that they lost, but that they lost despite how poorly SDSU played makes it all the worse.

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