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Maduro giving away the wealth of his people to gain friends.

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4 hours ago, BSUTOP25 said:

Jesus Comrade — you still have no clue what a libertarian even is. All you know is that you hate libertarians and want to gulag all of them. 


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11 hours ago, sandiegopete said:

The rock needs to read what I posted.  The rock initially referred to the Soviet Union.  Soviet Union was a term used to refer to the CCCP, the English translation of which is Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or U.S.S.R.  My comment was that the Soviet Union was an amalgamation of separate countries under the thumb of Russia.  Not one country, as your comment implied.  And that is what the U.S.S.R. was. I further explained why the system in Russia was, and continues to be, more closely aligned with a corporatocracy than with a truly communistic system.  In response you demeaned me. The basic problem is that rocks refuse to think outside of the box. 

Here are some interesting discussions about whether Russia ever had a communist system: https://www.quora.com/Was-there-ever-Communism-in-Russia

1. Russia was a dominant "state" or province (I refuse to refer to those despot regimes as "republics") but he Soviet Union was recognized as a single country during its existence by every legitimate governing entity across the globe, including the United Nations. Yet in spite of Russia's influence within the Soviet Union, leadership figures could emerge from other "states," such as the Georgian Josef Stalin. Furthermore, the Soviet Union was not equivalent to a confederation like the European Union. To suggest so is completely absurd. 

2. The Soviet Union did not operate like a corporatocracy. There was no private corporation that assumed the role of a de facto government such as the Hudson Bay Company in 1800s Canada. The Soviet government controlled and managed all means of production, distribution, and exchange. Any and all enterprises were in fact the Soviet government itself. And while authority was consolidated to an elite group of government officials, there were no independent entities with their own means of operation. Comparing the Soviet Union to a corporatocracy is like comparing a vagina to 9 iron golf club.

3. Karl Marx’s theory that communism could be democratic is completely impractical and contrary to human nature, which is why it has never been successfully implemented at scale. For communism to exist beyond a micro community, it requires a totalitarian regime to enforce it. 

4. You demeaned yourself by being a moron and you continue to do so by linking to Quora. 


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